Weight Loss Tips And Ideas

10 Weight Loss Tips and Ideas


Those of you who have been on a weight loss journey are greatly aware of the effort and pain it takes to shed off those extra pounds. It’s certainly not as easy as it seems, it requires lots of patience and willpower to stick to the weight loss regimen as weight loss doesn’t happen in a day or weeks.

Besides when everyone around devours over delicious foods and you have no other option but to calmly sit and see them eat, controlling all your desires.

But what if I tell you that you don’t really have to do all this to reduce those pounds? Will it shock you? Some of you might get surprised but yes it is 100% true that you do not have to cut off everything from your diet and starve yourself to lose weight.

A healthy weight loss consists of having a balanced diet and working over your body with the help of physical exercises. If you are on a weight loss journey then this article will be an additional help to you as through this article, we will get you introduced to some of the easy and simple weight loss tips.

Stop Skipping Meals

The biggest mistake people make! It’s not at all recommended to skip meals. Many people follow this thinking they won’t eat breakfast and lunch but then eventually end up eating too much for dinner.

This fasting practice will not only decline your metabolism but also make you consume more calories due to that single meal you have in a day. So, eat right and make sure to have controlled portions for effective and healthy weight loss.

Weight Loss Tips - Stop Skipping Meals
Weight Loss Tips – Stop Skipping Meals

Have Coffee

Great news for all coffee lovers who want to lose some weight. According to one of the studies, having a cup of sugarless coffee in the morning when you are on your weight loss journey can help you lose weight faster.

This happens due to the stimulation of brown fat or adipose tissues due to drinking coffee which helps in burning calories by generating body heat. Besides, this also helps in controlling blood lipid and blood sugar levels. So just let the extra calories burn and lose fat faster!

Weight Loss Tips - Have Coffee
Weight Loss Tips – Have Coffee

Stop Overeating

This is self-understood, overeating can lead to quick weight gain. Many people will skip meals and then end up eating more during their next meal. Stop doing this right away if you want to lose weight quickly. Do eat all of your meals and make it a point to never skip eating.

Include controlled portions and healthy foods in your all meals. If you still feel like snacking then opt for healthy options like seasoned fruits, sugarless drinks like coconut water, eat nuts and seeds such as flax seeds and sunflower seeds.

Weight Loss Tip - Stop Overeating
Weight Loss Tip – Stop Overeating

Eat More Fibre

Fibre works great when it comes to losing weight. It makes one feel full for longer durations, which means no more in between meals hunger pangs. Include fibre rich foods like broccoli, potatoes, peas, pears, and apples, etc in your diet, which will not only be healthy but also help in reducing appetite.

It’s suggested to have around 30gm of fibre a day to reduce weight effectively.

Weight Loss Tips - Eat More Fibre Food
Weight Loss Tips – Eat More Fibre Food

Count Your Calories

Calories play an important role when it comes to losing weight. One should consume calories depending upon how much weight they want to maintain, lose, or gain.

So whenever you eat, keep a log of your calorie intake. Thinking how many calories should I eat a day? Well, it can be calculated via calorie counting apps. Just enter the required details and get the number of calories you should eat a day for an effective and easy weight loss.

Weight Loss Tips - Count Your Calories
Weight Loss Tips – Count Your Calories

Don’t Stress

Stress is linked directly to weight gain. As per one of the studies, too many stress hormones in the body can lead to obesity and weight gain. Stress does not only affect you mentally but also physically.

So focus on things that bring you happiness, get involved in your hobbies, meditate, do yoga, spend time with your friends and family to keep the stress away. Additionally, to avoid stress, it’s always important to keep yourself occupied. So never ever leave yourself idle as they say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop!

Weight Loss Tips - Don't Stress
Weight Loss Tips – Don’t Stress

Physical Activity

For a constructive and quick weight loss, it is essential to get involved in physical activities which could be gymming, yoga, swimming, jogging, running and cycling, etc. With a healthy and controlled diet, it is important to get indulged in any physical activity.

So schedule your day accordingly, take some time out to work on your body. This will not only help you lose weight but also get your body in better shape and tone the muscles. It is suggested to workout for 30 to 45 minutes a day with a combination of cardio and weight training.

Weight Loss Tips - Physical Activity
Weight Loss Tips – Physical Activity

Avoid Sugar

Sugar is the enemy of weight loss. It seems unavoidable to many to cut down sugar but trust me it’s not that difficult. The first few days could be a bit challenging but after that, life will be back on track.

If you are having two cups of tea a day then add sugar to only one of them and have the other one without it or else, reduce the quantity of sugar to half and add sugar to both the cups. Such small steps will make major changes. But, if you still crave it then opt for healthy alternatives like jaggery.

Weight Loss Tips - Avoid Sugar
Weight Loss Tips – Avoid Sugar

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking water throughout the day helps in keeping scores of problems at bay, this works in the case of weight loss also. Consuming sufficient quantities of water throughout the day keeps the feeling of snacking in between the meals away.

Additionally, it is a great idea to have a glass or two of water half an hour before every meal, doing so will ultimately make you eat less and thus fewer calories consumed.

Weight Loss Tips - Drink Plenty of Water
Weight Loss Tips – Drink Plenty of Water

Invest In Home-Cooked Food

A great turning point in your weight loss journey can be the food cooked in your own kitchen. Ditch the outside food for some time and cook your own meals at home and keep a track of ingredients used.

When you cook at home you tend to use only hygiene and healthy ingredients while when you order from the outside, you not only shell off money but also health as what ingredients are being used are unknown to you.

Besides, outside food is also high in oils, fats, and carbs content so that the food tastes good. So opt for home cooking with simple and safe ingredients.

Weight Loss Tips - Home Cooked Food
Weight Loss Tips – Home Cooked Food

Make your weight loss journey even more effective by applying some of these simple and safe tips and tricks as mentioned above. No need to starve and resist delicious foods during the weightloss process as this will not only be harmful to metabolism but also in the long run.

Instead, eat small quantities of everything while cutting down on things like carbs and sugar, keep your physical activities regular, eat home-cooked food, and watch what you eat to maintain the calorie count.

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