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10 Foods Which Have More Potassium Than Banana


Our body is so formed that it requires an adequate amount of nutrients, minerals and vitamins for its proper functioning. One such important mineral and electrolyte needed by the body is potassium, which is responsible for performing various functions such as regular blood pressure, support muscles and nerve functioning and supply nutrients to the cells in the body.

Our body needs 4700mg of potassium per day to meet the daily required intake. However, due to many random reasons, an adequate amount of potassium is not received by the body through our regular diet which can cause health-related problems.

Thus, many people opt for potassium supplements and potassium-rich foods to fulfil the required amounts. When we think of potassium-rich foods, the first food that comes into our mind is banana, but there are many other foods which pack more potassium in comparison to banana, which we will introduce to you through this informative article.

So, just keep following to know about the foods which are extremely rich in potassium content!

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes look similar to normal potatoes but are sweet in taste and slightly bigger. They are used as a replacement of potatoes due to being more nutritious and healthier. They offer a great supply of potassium to the body.

A medium-sized sweet potato fulfills 12% or 541mg of your daily required potassium intake. Additionally, they provide a good source of vitamin A, fibre, protein, and complex carbs while being less in fat percentage.

Include this tasty and healthy food in your regular diet to meet the potassium intake by clubbing it with green veggies, meat, and beans, etc.

Sweet Potatoes - Potassium Rich Food
Sweet Potatoes – Potassium Rich Food


Watermelon is known for its incredible water content, sweet taste, and red colour. But, it’s lesser-known that watermelon provides a great source of potassium too. Just two mid-sized slices of watermelon help you meet 14% or 640mg of daily potassium intake.

Besides, you will find only 0.8gm of fat and 172 calories in two decent sized watermelon slices. Watermelon also delivers a good source of protein, fibre, magnesium, and vitamins like vitamin A and C. So, make your diet even healthier and potassium-rich by adding a few slices of watermelon!

Watermelon - Potassium Rich Food
Watermelon – Potassium Rich Food


Avocados are counted as one of the healthiest and popular fruits. Its creamy and rich texture adds more advantages to its popularity. A 100gm of avocado helps in meeting 10% or 487mg of your daily required potassium intake. They offer a rich source of folate, good fats, and vitamin K.

Avocados may help in maintaining the blood pressure, people with high blood pressure are often advised to include more potassium and less sodium in their diets, which can be done with the help of avocado.

A full avocado will help you meet 20% of your daily required potassium intake and is also low on sodium content. However, more research is required on the same.

Avocados - Potassium Rich Food
Avocados – Potassium Rich Food


Spinach, a green, leafy veggie is jam-packed with nutrients. It provides a dense source of nutrients like magnesium, vitamin A, folate and potassium.

A cup of spinach helps you meet 540mg or 12% of daily required potassium intake, while the same quantity also helps in meeting 366% of vitamin A, 57% folate, 29% magnesium and 725% of vitamin K requirement, based on required daily intake.

So, make the most of this nutrient-dense veggie by including in your daily diet in various forms.

Spinach - Potassium Rich Food
Spinach – Potassium Rich Food


Potatoes are widely used all across the world and can be clubbed with different varieties of veggies to flourish their flavour and taste. A single potato supply almost 515mg of potassium which helps in meeting 11% of your daily required intake of potassium.

However, there are different varieties of potatoes depending upon the soil they are grown in, therefore, the potassium content may vary depending upon the soil. According to one of the studies, it was found that potatoes supplies the best source of potassium and can be the prime contributor to potassium in the diet.

Potatoes - Potassium Rich Food
Potatoes – Potassium Rich Food


Beets or beetroot provide a brilliant source of potassium as well as folate. A cup of beet contains 518mg of potassium which can help you meet 11% of your daily required potassium intake.

Beets work wonderfully for those suffering from high blood pressure by providing them with an adequate supply of potassium and nitrates which helps in maintaining overall heart health and provide support to the blood vessels.

Additionally, a cup of beet helps in meeting 34% of the daily required intake of folate. It’s pretty easy to involve beet in your diet, simply add it to salads, pickles, or just have them raw!

Beetroot - Potassium Rich Food
Beetroot – Potassium Rich Food


Pomegranate delivers a rich source of many nutrients that are essential for the body’s functioning. It offers an amazing source of potassium by helping in meeting 666mg or 14% of daily required potassium percentage.

Also, it is rich in folate, protein, and vitamins like vitamin C and K as compared to other fruits. But, at the same time, it acquires more calories and sugar as well. However, the best part is, due to being high in fibre, it helps one feel full for longer durations.

Pomegranate - Potassium Rich Food
Pomegranate – Potassium Rich Food

Coconut Water

Coconut water is infused with endless benefits. Apart from being hydrating, full of electrolytes and energizing, it is flooded with nutrients like calcium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, and potassium.

One cup of coconut water contains 600mg of potassium which helps in meeting 13% of daily requires potassium intake. So, keep yourself active and healthy with this sweet, low fat, low calories, and hydrating drink!

Coconut Water - Potassium Rich Food
Coconut Water – Potassium Rich Food

Tomato Paste

Tomatoes give great flavour to dishes when added in the form of a cooked paste. This paste of tomato is prepared by cooking the tomatoes into a puree. A few tablespoons of tomato paste consists of a fantastic amount of potassium, it offers 486mg of potassium which helps in meeting 10% of its daily required percentage.

Additionally, tomato paste also delivers a rich supply of lycopene and vitamin C. It is recommended to opt for homemade tomato paste rather than purchasing from the outside as these ones are filled with sugar and additives.

Tomato Paste - Potassium Rich Food
Tomato Paste – Potassium Rich Food


Edamame is a traditional dish of Japan, made from immature soybeans, which provides a rich supply of potassium. A cup of edamame offers 676mg of potassium which helps meet 14% of its daily required intake.

It is additionally filled with many vital nutrients such as folate, vitamin K, magnesium, and manganese. It is impressive to know that a cup or 155gm of edamame helps you meet 121% of folate required per day.

Edamame - Potassium Rich Food
Edamame – Potassium Rich Food

Many of us are mistaken that bananas contain more amounts of potassium as compared to other foods. There are scores of foods that have more potassium as compared to bananas along with plenty of other healthy nutrients.

Enough amounts of potassium are required on a daily basis to regulate the functioning of several body organs and maintain health. So do not miss out on including the listed potassium-rich foods in your diet daily to boost your required potassium intake.

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