Ways To Lower Blood Sugar Levels

10 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Levels


Getting panicked due to the rise in blood sugar levels? Worried about its repercussions and negative effects? Want to start working on it from now on? Well, you have landed the right place. Blood sugar levels increase in the body when the sugar is not transported effectively to the blood cells.

This rise in sugar levels can lead to a number of menacing situations and diseases such as cholesterol, a rise in blood pressure, heart attack and strokes, etc. But getting worried and tense will only make the situation worse and give rise to other alarming issues.

If you have been dealing with high blood sugar levels and looking for different ways to fix it up and get it in control, it’s definitely possible with some lifestyle changes and opting for foods that can help to control diabetes.

With this post, we will walk you through some of the best and simple ways to lower your blood sugar levels and get your health back on track so that you can live your life carefreely and normally just like any healthy individual!

Watch For Carbs

The carbs that we consume get broken into glucose by our system and then supplied to cells as sugars by insulin, but when there is an issue with the functioning of insulin or when you consume too many carbs, this process gets hamper and thus, blood sugar level rises.

Therefore, to stabilize this process, it’s important to keep a track of carbs consumption and reduce the blood sugar levels. Opting a low carb diet is a good idea that can be beneficial in the long run while improving sugar levels in the blood.

Carbs Lower Blood Sugar Level
Carbs Lower Blood Sugar Level

More Fibre

Eating fibre rich diet can help in lowering blood sugar spikes as the fibre sedates the sugar absorption and carb digestion process. Besides, this also depends extremely upon the kind of fibre you consume.

Fibre comes in two forms, soluble and insoluble, both play vital roles in the effective functioning of our system and organs but soluble fibre is found to be more significant to lower blood sugar levels.

A diet rich in fibre content can help in managing diabetes type 1 by lowering blood sugar. Some of the fibre rich foods are legumes, fruits, whole grains, and veggies, etc.

Fibre - Lower Blood Sugar Level
Fibre – Lower Blood Sugar Level

Low Glycemic Index Foods

The glycemic index tells about the response of our body towards certain foods and carbs which in return tells about the blood sugar levels according to those foods and carbs.

Consumption of a low glycemic index based diet can bring in long term benefits when it comes to blood sugar levels while also helping in managing them in those with both type 1 and 2 diabetes. Some of the foods that have low glycemic index are eggs, seafood, meat, oats, legumes, corn, sweet potato, fruits, and non-starch based veggies.

Low Glycemic Index Foods
Low Glycemic Index Foods

Adequate Sleep

Adequate sleep and rest are directly related to good health and proper body functioning. Lack of sleep can cause insulin sensitivity and a rise in blood sugar levels. Less sleep can also boost appetite and cause weight gain.

When enough sleep and rest is not taken, it can lead to the release of growth hormones while shooting cortisol in the body which is associated with blood sugar levels. With all these reasons it becomes highly important to take adequate sleep so that your body is not adversely affected.

Adequate Sleep - Lowers Blood Sugar Level
Adequate Sleep – Lowers Blood Sugar Level

Check Your Blood Sugar Regularly

Measuring blood sugar levels on a daily basis plays a vital role in the case of those dealing with diabetes. Regular checking can help you control and manage your sugar levels while making it easier for you to mend your eating habits and portions.

If on any day you witness a spike in blood sugar level, you can make certain changes in your diet and medication and work on them accordingly. Besides, it will also help you determine how your body reacts to certain types of foods.

Check Your Blood Sugar Regularly
Check Your Blood Sugar Regularly


Regular exercise can help in maintaining your blood sugar levels impeccably. When you work out daily, your body tends to lose weight which in turn helps in elevating insulin sensitivity. When there is an increase in insulin sensitivity, the absorption of sugar by our body cells is done more effectively.

Additionally, daily exercise also makes the muscles use blood sugar for muscle contraction and energy. So if you want to maintain blood sugar levels in your body, do not miss daily exercise! Some of the best-considered exercises include brisk walking, swimming, running and dancing, etc.

Exercise Regularly To Lower Blood Sugar
Exercise Regularly To Lower Blood Sugar

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is the key, a well-hydrated body helps in keeping several health-related problems away. Drinking water might help in regulating blood sugar levels by helping in preventing dehydration and removing excessive blood sugar via urine.

As per one of the studies, sufficient water consumption can reduce the risk of an increase in blood sugar levels. However, it’s also important to know that aerated and sugar-based drinks can lead to a rise in blood sugar levels. So it’s better to go for plain water, coconut water or lemon water without sugar.

Stay Hydrated - Lowers Blood Sugar Level
Stay Hydrated – Lowers Blood Sugar Level

Portion Control

It is always recommended to eat small food portions due to many reasons which have a direct impact on health. A small portion of meals is strongly related to weight loss which leads to the consumption of fewer calories.

When ideal body weight is maintained, the blood sugar levels are also maintained which ultimately prevents type 2 diabetes.

Meal Portion Controls Blood Sugar Level
Meal Portion Controls Blood Sugar Level

Don’t Stress

Forgetting stress can have a great and positive impact on your health. There are many health issues that are caused due to stress and worry.

So just forget to do that. When you stress, your body creates more amount of fat and glucose to be used by cells but in case of diabetic, this energy (fat+glucose) does not get consumed by cells, as a result of which the glucose stays in your blood and results in a spike in blood sugar levels.

Follow meditation, deep breathing and hobbies, etc to destress yourself and break free from stress.

Less Stress - Lowers Blood Sugar Level
Less Stress – Lowers Blood Sugar Level


Never skip breakfast when you are dealing with diabetes. Breakfast is considered the most important meal, especially for those with high blood sugar levels as our body, requires food after 8-10 hours of fasting due to sleep to balance the blood sugar levels.

A breakfast high in protein can help regulate blood sugar levels effectively as per one of the researches. In addition, in the case of type 2 diabetes, having a hearty breakfast can help you in shedding some extra pounds which are again related to better management of blood sugar levels.

Proper Breakfast - Lower Blood Sugar Level
Proper Breakfast – Lower Blood Sugar Level

Everything has a solution that can lead to positive results and so is the case with diabetes. One can effectively manage high blood sugar levels by opting for some healthy and effective ways, this includes certain diet and lifestyle changes which are very normal to be incorporated in your regular life.

So, if you are dealing with rising blood sugar levels and want them to be in control/limits then do follow the simple changes as mentioned in this article and see your blood sugar levels changing fantastically!

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