Keep Kids Engaged During COVID-19 Lockdown

How to Keep Kids Engaged During COVID-19 Lockdown?


This coronavirus pandemic has shut the entire world while leaving no other option but to undergo a total lockdown. The offices, airports, and schools, etc are also closed so that the chain of viruses does not exceed and make things go even worse.

As adults, it’s quite easy for us to understand and value this lockdown but when it comes to kids, the case is not the same. Even if you somehow manage to make them understand the importance of lockdown, the next moment they will be back to the same question “can we go out and play”?

Well, it’s not that easy to make such naive minds understand what the world is dealing with, however, if we try to divert their minds towards some engaging and inclining activity they might not feel the desire to go out and play.

It may not be so easy and simple initially for the parents, but with effort and time, you may succeed in encouraging your child to develop a habit of some indoor activity.

This article will help you with some vital tips to keep your young ones engaged and occupied while being indoors and who knows they might develop an avid interest in the same!

Art And Craft

Art and Craft is something for which you don’t really need to buy any material from the outside. All you need is some paints and scrap material from your store or backyard.

Give your child a chance to experiment and unleash their creative side. Leave them free to improvise their thoughts and implement them to create some new. Make them get involved in this fun activity by providing any material like newspapers, wooden sticks, disposables, waste cloth, and paints, etc.

Let them take it as a task and give them some time to create something out of the provided material based on their ideas and notion.

Kids Art and Craft
Kids Art and Craft

Story Writing

Kids are creative, they have their own imagination and thoughts which inspires them in their little world. Engage your child by giving any topic on a daily basis to write upon and let him/her be independent in joining the dots and create something related to fantasy or imagination.

This will not only give you an idea about their maturity of thoughts but also about their writing skills. When they are done writing, sit with them and tell them to read-out the story in their own voice accompanied by the actions if possible. Correct them wherever required.

Help Kids Learn to Write
Help Kids Learn to Write

Treasure Hunt

Well, don’t worry about hiding real treasures here! The treasure hunt is an innovative game that can be played by hiding anything you want, like your kid’s toys or storybooks and stationary, etc.

All you need to do here is to hide any prop and give some hints to your child which can help them in finding the hidden material. This will not only engage them but also make them brainstorm their minds. Make the rules clear to them, do not help them in any way, let your child be the explorer and do the business with their own ideas and imaginations.

Hunt Ideas for Kids
Hunt Ideas for Kids

Movie Time

With so many options nowadays such as Netflix, you can sit back and watch any movie of your child’s choice. There is this kids section on Netflix that houses scores of movies.

Play one movie every single day and then tell your child to narrate its story in their own words. This will be both fun and informative as you can work to improve your kid’s storytelling and speaking skills.

Kids Movie Time
Kids Movie Time


Workouts are not only meant for grown-ups, but they are also for kids. Get involved with your young ones in doing basic and simple exercises. Try them to teach meditation and several warm-up exercises. This will make them even more disciplined and self-conscious.

Inculcate this healthy habit in them, work out with them during morning hours or during evening time while teaching them the importance of a healthy and positive life!

Simple Exercises for Kids
Simple Exercises for Kids


Cooking is fun when done together, everyone should know it as you might not know when the need arises to cook all by ourselves. If you are thinking that fire is not a thing a child can play around with then get your kid involved in basic things like mixing the batter, adding sugar and other ingredients, etc.

Baking is a great idea when you want your child to get involved as sweet treats are admired by everyone. Take their help in preparing cakes, pudding, and cookies while you manage the oven or microwave part all by yourself.

Teach Kids How to Help and Cook
Teach Kids How to Help and Cook

Garden or Balcony Decoration

Kids show their other side out when it comes to helping their parents in the house as they have always seen you doing that and would want to do that themselves. Tell your child to rearrange pots, planters and other decorative items in your balcony or garden.

This will give them the confidence to manage their own things and stuff all by themselves. Support them if they come up with an idea, in case that idea cannot be implemented, explain to them the reason and tell them to try doing things in an alternative/different way.

Gardening Help Kids to Learn
Gardening Help Kids to Learn


Every child has a hobby. If your child is inclined towards outdoor activities then tell them to pick up any indoor hobby/activity during this lockdown, which will be nothing less than a challenge for them. Give them a reason why it’s important to be good at all things.

If your child is great at outdoor activities, tell them to be equally good at something that can be done indoors as well and then just sit back and wait to see the difference. He/she will surely come up with something innovative and surprising.

Kids Indoor Activities
Kids Indoor Activities

General Knowledge

Get your young one into a habit of being knowledgeably sound. Apart from their general knowledge books, there are many other ways of doing this. In this era of the internet, everything is possible. But the most convenient and best way of improving general knowledge is by watching informative channels.

Tell your child to sit and watch any informative shows for an hour and later convey all that to you in their own words, but nothing should go wrong as you might cross-question your child to know the authenticity and source. This activity will not only be fun but informative also, which will work towards enhancing your child’s listening and speaking skills.

General Knowledge For Kids
General Knowledge For Kids


Clutter is indeed the enemy of clarity! With the kids in the house, there is always something messy around. Kid’s room being the biggest challenge as the young, creative minds are always busy experimenting and playing. Tell your kids the value of rearranging their books, toys, and clothes regularly. This will not only help them in finding their things easily but also inculcate the habit of keeping their room arranged.

Declutter with Kids
Declutter with Kids

The most impacted ones during this lockdown are the young ones, who cannot step out of their houses for their own good. It’s very challenging for the parents as well to make the innocent minds understand the gravity of this situation at this moment.

But, as they say, “nothing is impossible”, this article will help you in numerous ways to keep your child engaged during this lockdown while increasing their knowledge base and boosting their confidence and self- discipline. So, go on and try these simple activities with your child to keep them occupied throughout the day!

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