Drink Water Every Day

How Much Water Should You Drink Every Day?


Water constitutes 60% of our body weight and that’s what makes it one of the most vital components for humans to survive and live healthily. We have always heard that it’s essential to have at least 8 glasses of water every day, while some experts say it’s good to keep sipping water even if you’re not thirsty.

Is it really true? Well, that’s the general conception, however, the quantity of water intake depends on numerous internal and external factors such as weight, size, age, work done by the body, climate and so on.

Well, it doesn’t matter what is the reason behind drinking water, however, what really matters is the fact that you should often drink water for the proper functioning of your brain as well as other body organs.

Lack of water intake can cause a number of sufferings such as Dehydration, Mood Swings, Headaches, Fatigues, Dizziness, and Unclear Thinking, etc that’s why it is important to include as much as water possible in your regimen to combat against such issues.

Through this article, we will walk you through various reasons to drink sufficient amounts of water depending upon these internal and external factors!

What Are The Various Benefits Of Drinking Water?

  1. Helps in detoxification.
  2. Lubricates the joints and spinal cord.
  3. Maintains body temperature.
  4. Prevents dehydration.
  5. Helps in keeping mind and body active.
  6. Prevents heart diseases.
  7. Prevents urinary tract infections.
  8. Prevents kidney stones.
  9. Prevents dryness of mouth, lips and eyes.
  10. Keeps skin and hair health intact.

So, why avoid drinking water?

Water Intake As Per Your Weight

Although there is no restriction on the quantity of water you intake, it can be estimated depending upon your body weight. Just follow the below calculation to know how much water you should drink per day.

  1. Measure your weight (in pounds) and divide it by 2.2.
  2. Now, multiply this number according to the given data. (multiply by 40 if your age is less than 30 years, multiply by 35 if your age in between 30-55 years and multiply by 30 if your age is above 55 years).
  3. After this, divide the sum of multiplication by 28.3.
  4. The obtained number will tell how many ounces of water you should consume a day. To get this result in the number of cups, divide this number by 8.
Water Intake As Per Your Weight
Water Intake As Per Your Weight

To make it simpler to calculate how much water to drink every day, here are the suggested amounts for a set of weights. Make sure to adjust for your activity level.

Daily Water Intake Recommendations
Daily Water Intake Recommendations

How Much Water Should You Drink On An Average

The amount of water one should intake can also be calculated using the above method. However, on average the amount of water required for females is around 8-9 cups per day, in the case of pregnant women, the count should be around 10 cups a day and those who breastfeed should intake about 12 cups of water daily.

For men, the recommended quantity of water to be consumed daily should be around 12-13 cups.

For kids and teenagers, the daily amount of water intake should be about 6-8 cups with the inclusion of water-based veggies and fruits. In addition, this water intake quantity should be increased to 2 more cups when the child is involved in any physical activity or playing.

How Much Water Should I Drink On An Average
How Much Water Should I Drink On An Average

The Water You Should Drink As Per The Workout Done

It is essential to stay hydrated when you do any physical workout as the water from the body comes out in the form of sweat during any physical workout, therefore, to replenish the loss it is imperative to drink water to avoid dehydration.

If the amount of water you should be drinking per day is around 70 ounces as per your weight then you should increase this count to 120 ounces or so to meet your requirements if you work out for an hour.

Drink As Per The Workout Done
Drink As Per The Workout Done

When Should You Drink Water?

Well, there is no such time duration for drinking water, drink whenever you feel like. Besides, if you are getting involved in any physical activity or out in the sun, keep sipping water in intervals to keep the body hydrated, active and mood lifted.

It is considered beneficial to drink a glass of water as soon as you get up in the morning because it helps in activating the mind and organs. Similarly, a glass of water before falling asleep helps prevent the risk of stroke and cardiac arrest.

When Should I Drink Water
When Should I Drink Water

What If You Drink More Than The Required Quantity Of Water?

It’s always good to keep sipping water due to an array of reasons and to prevent certain health-related issues. But, if you sip onto more than enough amount of water and your renal system is not able to pass this excessive amount of water.

You may get prone to the development of a condition called “Hyponatremia”, in which the minerals present in the body get diluted in water resulting in fall of sodium levels and swelling of cells in the body, which in turn can lead to some grave medical conditions.

How much amount of water to be taken every day also depends upon certain medical conditions, if you are suffering from any issue related to heart, liver, and kidney then consulting your doctor to know the quantity of water you should sip on a daily basis, is a good idea!

What If You Drink More Than The Required Quantity Of Water
What If You Drink More Than The Required Quantity Of Water

How do You know if You Are consuming enough water?

You will hardly feel thirsty if you are drinking enough water per day, besides if your urine colour is light yellow and clear, it assures that you are drinking sufficient water on a daily basis.

Consume Enough Water
Consume Enough Water

Apart From Drinking Water, What Are The Other Ways To Keep Yourself Hydrated And Active?

  1. Fruits and Veggies such as Cucumber, Lettuce, Watermelon, Celery etc provide a rich source of water with the benefits of several vitamins and minerals important for humans.
  2. Juices and Smoothies also help in keeping hydrated but keep a check on the sugar and calories.
  3. Beverages such as Coffee and Tea also provide water but due to the presence of caffeine, they would make you lose even more water when you urinate.
  4. Energy and Sports drinks consist of high water content along with the addition of carbs and electrolytes to keep the energy levels up, but be careful as many of them contain high amounts of sugar, salt and calories as well.


It is now clear that on average one should have at least 8-12 glasses of water daily according to your size, age, weight, physical condition and so on. Water is priceless, there is nothing else that can keep you hydrated the way it does while satisfying your thirst.

So make sure that you are having enough water to keep several health conditions and problems at bay. Include fruits and veggies in your diet that provides a rich source of water and keep away from foods and drinks that cause dehydration and other adverse effects on health.

So, never forget to keep a bottle handy and keep sipping whenever you feel like, when outdoors or when getting involved in any physical activity and never ignore your thirst! Stay hydrated, stay happy!

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