Calories Should I Eat a Day

How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day?


It is said that on average a woman required 2000 calories a day to maintain proper weight and 1500 calories per day to shed off one pound of weight weekly.

Whereas, in the case of men, the calories consumed per day are 2500 calories to maintain the desired weight and 2000 calories a day to lose one pound in a week.

However, the amount of calories also depends upon numerous other factors such as height, age, weight, metabolic levels, and physical activity ratio, etc.

Before we dig deeper into this article, it is important to know the definition of calories and how much you should consume depending upon your goal of maintaining, losing, or gaining weight.

Since, most of the people aim to bring their weight down, therefore, through this article, we will cover the amounts of calorie intake basis weight loss and the best ways to cut down the calorie intake.


Calories can be defined as a unit for measuring energy. It helps in measuring the amounts of energy gained through beverages and food consumption. If you want to lose weight, you need to consume fewer calories as compared to the calories to be burned by your body each day.

You can refer to the calorie calculator to get an exact idea of how much calories you should consume a day depending upon your requirement for weight gain or weight loss!


How to Stop Consuming More Calories in a Healthy Way?

It is obvious that if you want to lose weight, you need to limit your calorie intake while if you want to gain weight, more calories should be consumed by you to reach your set goal.

Many people start giving up on foods just so that the calorie consumption is less, but this is not recommended and advised at any given point as it would just lead to nutritional deficiency and weakness in the body.

The ideal and the most recommended way to cut down the calorie intake while still maintaining the nutrition content in the body is through switching to lifestyle changes and consuming foods fused with fewer calories.

Protein-Rich Diet

A mention of proteins cannot be ignored when it comes to weight loss. Having a diet rich in proteins in the most simple, effective, and tasty way of losing weight! If you are consuming good amounts of protein, you can easily combat your worst enemy that is cravings.

As per one of the studies, proteins help in keeping you feel full for long hours while also helping to elevate the metabolic rate as proteins need energy for metabolizing. A diet high in protein can also shoot the calories burned rate by 80 to 100 calories a day.

Another study showed that those who prefer a protein-rich diet, they automatically ate fewer calories as compared to those who didn’t. This simply means that the more protein you eat the fewer calories you consume and the more you burn which can impeccably help in losing weight.

Besides, it’s also been observed that if you consume calories that come from proteins, it can help you in reducing obsessive thoughts about hunger by 60% while also helping in dealing with late-night hunger pangs.

Eat Protein Rich Food
Eat Protein Rich Food

Keep yourself Hydrated

Hydration is the key to every single thing! If you want to lose weight fast, don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day helps in burning calories at a faster rate while letting you burn around 96 more calories. But this also depends upon your timings of drinking water, if you drink water a little before your meals, it may help in reducing hunger as a result of which you eat less and therefore end up consuming fewer calories.

According to one of the researchers, if you drink half 0.5 lt of water half an hour before your meal, it can significantly help you in weight loss.

Caffeine based drinks like coffee and tea are also considered good options to have before meals as they somehow help in boosting metabolism, in a short span.

Keep yourself Hydrated
Keep yourself Hydrated

Avoid Sugar

Sugar, sugar-based drinks and eateries can also lead to substantial weight gain due to the large quantities of calories in them, therefore it’s better to simply eliminate them from your diet.

This includes canned juices, aerated drinks/beverages, and chocolate, etc. All these items fall into the category of the most fattening and unhealthy foods. Sugary drinks are linked directly with obesity, they are the main cause of it besides the other harmful effects.

Such drinks not only make you consume more calories but also affect your metabolic health and raise the risk of many harmful diseases such as high blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

So it’s better to switch to healthier options like fresh fruit juices, coconut water and fruits which have natural and controlled amounts of sugar as compared to these preserved and unhealthy commercial drinks.

Avoid Sugar
Avoid Sugar

Watch your Carbs Intake

Reducing the amounts of carbohydrates can also help greatly to lose weight by reducing the appetite and thus, make you consume fewer calories. As per one of the studies, consuming a diet with few carbs until you feel full can make you lose 2 to 3 times more weight as compared to a low-fat diet.

Not just this, a low carbs diet can also be of great help to people with diabetes type 2 or metabolic syndrome who want to lose weight. A good and nutritious alternative to a low carb diet is high quality, fibre rich, and whole. single-ingredient foods.

So if you cannot take low carbs, you can also opt for these options when it comes to fewer calories consumed.

Watch your Carbs Intake
Watch your Carbs Intake

Physical Workout and Exercises

Your body burns fewer calories when you eat a few calories by compensating on save energy and that’s why calories restrictions can lead to low metabolic rate along with loss of muscle mass.

So the best way to deal with this to work on your muscles by exerting them due to exercise or weight lifting. Following this can help in preventing muscle drop/loss and stop metabolism from slowing down due to the limited consumption of calories.

The ideal way to lose weight is not just to lose fat but also to take care of muscle health. Exercises like squats, pushups, sit-ups, and pull-ups are considered great along with some of the cardio-based exercises such as swimming, brisk walking and jogging, etc.

Besides, following a regular exercise regimen can also help in keeping scores of health issues away and improve other aspects of health such as longevity, low disease rate, and more energy, etc.

Physical Workout and Exercises
Physical Workout and Exercises

The amounts of calorie consumption depend upon factors like weight, age, height, and physical levels, etc. along with your requirement to lose, gain or maintain weight.

With this article, you will be easily able to calculate the number of calories required per day along with some simple lifestyle and diet changes to lose or maintain your weight which includes, exercises, nutrition-based diets, and hydration levels.

So, don’t just starve, but find the best alternatives to reach your goals!

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