Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep

Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep


Sleeping is the most effortless and healthy activity which one can do. In fact, many like to sleep during their free hours to relax and rejuvenate their body and mind. But, on the downside, many don’t take adequate sleep to relax and rejuvenate themselves.

This can happen due to many reasons such as hectic lifestyles, stress, and maybe sleep disorders due to excessive tension and fast-paced life.

Sleep is often ignored by many but it is directly linked with the way our body responds and functions. Lack of sleep not only causes mood swings, tiredness, and fatigue but also leads to many grave concerns like heart problems, depression, and immune system-related disorders.

Therefore, sleep is irreplaceable, nothing can give that freshness and relaxation to your body the way sleep does. It is essential to take a sound sleep of 6-8 hours in order to keep health-related issues away.

Through this article, we will introduce you to some surprising health benefits of sleep. Keep reading to know all!

Helps in Repairing the Body

Did you know that your body repairs itself when you sleep? This happens because when you sleep, the body produces more protein which impacts the ability of cells to repair themselves by repairing building blocks.

This repair helps in lowering the effect of harmful sun rays, stress, and other such things so that you stay healthy and safe.

Sleep - Helps in Repairing the Body
Sleep – Helps in Repairing the Body

Take Care of Immunity

Sleep helps in calming your body from everyday stress and hustle-bustle. Adequate sleep keeps away issues like headaches, fever, and tiredness, etc.

lack of sleep can have a direct impact on your immune system by making it weak. When you don’t sleep enough, you have chances of getting caught by fever, headache and body ache, etc. Therefore, make sure you sleep well to keep yourself going.

Sleep - Take Care of Immunity
Sleep – Take Care of Immunity

Makes You Active

All of you must have experienced the freshness and activeness you get after a sound sleep. A night of adequate sleep helps in gearing you up for the next day, it not only improves your presence of mind but also helps in getting you engaged in any activity so that your day goes well spent.

Whereas, lack of sleep can make you feel tired and dull while preventing you from being productive and engaged.

Sleep - Makes you Active
Sleep – Makes you Active

May Prevent Cancer

Erratic sleep patterns and lack of sleep can become a reason for cancers like breast and colon cancer. Those who do not take proper sleep or sleep at irregular timings are prone to cancer.

According to research, when you are exposed to light at night, it reduces the production of melatonin hormone which helps in regulating the sleep cycle which further helps in preventing cancer by suppressing the growth of the cancer cells.

Therefore, it’s utmost to sleep well at night by keeping your distance from electronics and switching off the light so that your body generated the required amount of melatonin.

Sleep - May Prevent Cancer
Sleep – May Prevent Cancer

Maintains Heart Health

Sleeping plays an important role in maintaining heart health. Lack of sleep can lead to the risk of developing health problems like high blood pressure and high cholesterol which can cause heart disease and stroke.

Your heart stays healthy if you take 6-8 hours of sleep regularly.

Sleep - Maintains Heart Health
Sleep – Maintains Heart Health

Prevent Stress

Your body undergoes stress due to lack of sleep, therefore, it doesn’t function well the next due to reasons like tiredness and fatigue.

These factors can lead to health conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol which can further lead to heart problems and an increase in the levels of the stress hormones, which makes it even harder to fall asleep.

Sleep - Prevent Stress
Sleep – Prevent Stress

Improves Memory

Enough sleep can indeed help your memory to enhance as sleep helps in memory consolidation. It is a process in which your brain makes connections with the events that occurred in a day.

When you sleep your body is at rest but the brain still goes on working to improve the capability of your memory by processing information, connecting feelings and sensory input, etc.

These connections are important as they help in remembering and processing things better. The better you sleep, the better these connections.

Sleep - Improves Memory
Sleep – Improves Memory

Might Help in Weight Loss

As per some research, it was found that those who sleep less are more likely to put on weight. This happens because a lack of sleep disturbs the balance of hormones in the body which affects the appetite.

The two hormones, leptin and ghrelin, which regulate appetite are linked with sleep. So if you sleep less, you might be prone to put on weight therefore, it’s vital to sleep enough so that you stay active and fit.

Sleep - help in Weight Loss
Sleep – help in Weight Loss

Prevent Inflammation

When there is increased production of stress hormones in the body, it leads to inflammation. These increased stress hormones are produced due to lack of sleep, which increases the risk of grave heart-related conditions, diabetes, and cancer, etc.

Inflammation can cause your body to deteriorate with age.

Sleep - Prevent Inflammation
Sleep – Prevent Inflammation

Increases Productivity

Well, it’s not like that night is the only time to sleep. Yes, it’s essential to sleep well during the night but small naps during the day also offer some benefits. A short nap during the day helps in charging you up and also helps in increasing productivity.

You feel fresh and active after a short day nap which impacts your mental ability to perform better. Besides, it helps in subsiding stress and other problems like fatigue and tiredness.

Sleep - Increases Productivity
Sleep – Increases Productivity

Improves Skin

Enough sleep also helps in maintaining your skin. When you take an adequate amount of sleep it helps in repairing your skin by rejuvenating and calming it so that it feels as fresh as you feel after sleeping.

Lack of sleep can cause your skin to undergo stress which may lead to problems like premature aging, wrinkles, acne, and sagging, etc.

Sleep - Improves Skin
Sleep – Improves Skin

Elevates Mood

Sleep can affect your mood greatly. Insufficient sleep can make one feel cranky and dull, this happens because of the rise in stress hormones in the body. If you sleep well in time and for a duration of a minimum of 6-8 hours, you will get up happy and active to get through the day.

Sleep - Elevates Mood
Sleep – Elevates Mood

We often take sleep for granted, this could be due to any reason like hectic lifestyle, work, studies, and other personal and non-personal factors. But, this habit will gradually make you surround with lots of health issues like heart problems, diabetes, and cholesterol, etc.

Therefore, it becomes essential to get enough sleep. It is suggested to sleep for at least 6-8 hours at night to keep all these issues away. Besides, keep in mind to dim or turn off the lights, stay away from technology and negativity, and consume foods that help induce sleep before you go to bed so that you sleep well and in peace.

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