Health Benefits of Muskmelon

12 Incredible Health Benefits of Muskmelon


Some summer fruits are worth waiting for such as mangoes and muskmelons. Both have their distinct flavour and taste, therefore, its difficult to say which one tastes better than the other. Though mangoes gain much more attention and fame, muskmelons are no less.

Packed with many antioxidants and nutrients, muskmelons are fused with a mild yet tempting aroma besides the incredible amount of water content that makes it an incredible fruit to be consumed during summers to keep the body hydrated.

Muskmelons can be enjoyed at any time of the day be it during breakfast, along with your lunch or as a healthy evening snack. It can be easily added to your regular diet in the forms of fruit salad, smoothie, or just the way it is.

So if you are a muskmelon fan this article will give you yet another reason to eat this juicy and delicious fruit even more. Through this article, we will share some amazing health benefits of muskmelon!

Nutritional Value of One Cup Muskmelon Contains:
  • Calories-53 kcal
  • Carbohydrate-13g
  • Dietary fibre-1.4 g
  • Fat-0.3 grams
  • Protein-1.3g
  • Potassium – 531.96 mg
  • Folate – 33.60 mcg
  • Sugar-12g
  • Protein-1.3g
  • Vitamin A-3126 IU
  • Vitamin C-40.56mg

Aids Weight Loss

Muskmelons are wonderful when it comes to weight loss, they are less in calories, less in fat percentage and high in potassium, which makes it very effective for weight loss.

Muskmelons are also rich in fibre which helps in keeping one feel full for long durations, which again is very beneficial for weight loss.

Additionally, muskmelons are also water-rich, which helps in keeping one hydrated in the summers as well as cause one to eat less due to fuller feeling.

Muskmelon - Aid  Weight Loss
Muskmelon – Aid Weight Loss

Improves Digestion

Muskmelons are good for those who are dealing with digestive issues such as constipation and bloating. Muskmelons provide calmness and comfort to your stomach by maintaining regular bowel movements so that you don’t feel uneasiness and stay healthy.

The bowel movement becomes normal due to the presence of high fibre in muskmelons. Muskmelons also offer a normal supply of food through the digestive tract, therefore contributing towards the lower risk of cancers such as colorectal cancer.

Muskmelon - Improves Digestion
Muskmelon – Improves Digestion

Provide Immunity

Build your immunity the tasty way with muskmelons! Muskmelons are enriched with vitamin A and C, which helps in enhancing immunity by energizing the white blood cells to fight against infections.

The conclusion, muskmelons help in improving immunity is based on the study conducted back in 1997. So have more of these tasty and luscious melons to strengthen your immunity.

Muskmelon - Provides Immunity
Muskmelon – Provides Immunity

Prevention From Cancer

Cancer can be caused due to the presence of free radicals in the body. These free radicals harm the system and attack the body cells to cause the growth of cancer-producing cells.

However, as per one of the studies, it was found that muskmelons can help in prevention from cancer by protecting the cells from the free radicals due to the presence of beta-carotene and vitamin C in it.

Muskmelon - Prevents Cancer
Muskmelon – Prevents Cancer

Helps in Hair Growth

You don’t need to do much for healthy and long hair, just try including some muskmelon in your diet! Muskmelon can promote hair health due to the composition of vitamin A in it.

Vitamin A is known to provide benefits to hair by producing sebum. Sebum is mainly the secretion of oil from the sebaceous gland present below the scalp which is vital for hair health and growth of the hair.

Muskmelon - Helps in Hair Growth
Muskmelon – Helps in Hair Growth

Improves Heart Health

According to one of the studies, it was concluded that muskmelons provide a rich source of adenosine compound which helps in protecting the heart due to the blood-thinning properties that it possesses which in turn prevents blood clots in the cardiovascular system.

Besides, muskmelons also contain a hefty amount of potassium which helps in maintaining blood pressure so that your heart remains healthy.

Muskmelon - Improves Heart Health
Muskmelon – Improves Heart Health

Good for Lungs

Good news for smokers! Did you know to continue smoking can withdraw vitamin A from your body? Smoking can indeed cause depletion of vitamin A in the body over a while but, a daily intake of muskmelon can help in restoring this vitamin A in the body to revive the lungs and prevent them from further damage.

However, it does not mean that one should still smoke, smoking itself is life-threatening and could be responsible for chronic illnesses such as cancer.

Muskmelon - Good for Lungs
Muskmelon – Good for Lungs

Relief From Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps can sometimes go really bad and it’s not always advisable to take medication for it as it can cause hormonal imbalance. Then what’s for those days? Well, have a muskmelon!

Muskmelon contains vitamin C which helps in normalizing and regulating the blood flow to relieve the menstrual cramps. It is suggested to have muskmelon at least for the first two days of your periods.

Muskmelon - Reliefs Menstrual Cramps
Muskmelon – Reliefs Menstrual Cramps

Healthy for Skin

Healthy and supple skin is a sign of a healthy and nourishing diet. Muskmelon is known to benefit the skin due to being packed with skin-boosting collagen which helps in providing body and structure to the skin tissues so that the skin remains toned and healthy.

Besides, the vitamin C content provides a natural glow to your skin. So, do not forget to include muskmelon in your diet if you want bright and beautiful skin.

Muskmelon - Healthy for Skin
Muskmelon – Healthy for Skin

Treats Arthritis

According to one of the researches, it was found that muskmelon comprises anti-inflammatory properties which can help in treating the discomfort and pain caused due to arthritis by reducing the oxidative stress in the bones and joints. When the oxidative stress is reduced, the inflammation is also reduced.

Muskmelon - Treats Arthritis
Muskmelon – Treats Arthritis

Fights Stress

Stress is a common issue nowadays, but it can lead to many big problems. Stress not only plays with your mind but also with the physical aspects of the body by gradually impacting them.

Muskmelon can help in lowering stress levels in the body due to being infused with potassium that functions to increase oxygen supply to the brain and normalize the heartbeat so that you feel relaxed, calm, and stress-free.

Muskmelon - Fights Stress
Muskmelon – Fights Stress

Good in Pregnancy

Muskmelon can work great for pregnant women as well. It contains folate which is essential for pregnant women as it helps in eliminating excessive sodium from the body while also reducing the problem of water retention in pregnant ladies.

But one has to consume it in moderation. It’s better to consult your doctor before opting for it.

Muskmelon - Good in Pregnancy
Muskmelon – Good in Pregnancy

All-natural fruits and veggies are healthy and extremely beneficial for us as they help in preventing many diseases and illnesses such as the risk of cancer, digestive issues, stress, arthritis and more.

Besides, they are healthy for your hair, skin, and increasing stress levels in the body. Muskmelon possesses many qualities that provide benefits to your health, hair, and skin.

So make the most of this hydrating tasty and nourishing fruit in your daily diet to gain the maximum of these benefits.

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