Health Benefits of Corn

10 Wonderful Health Benefits of Eating Corn


Snacking and munching are liked by everyone especially during tea time when everybody sits together over a cup of tea along with some chatting and snacking. Well, what else can be better than this?

But, one thing that we all forget during these happy munching sessions, is the number of unhealthy foods we are consuming.

These tea time snacks and munchies are indeed flavourful and tasty but at the same time they are also unhealthy then why not switch to a better alternative such as corn.

Yes, you got it right, corn makes a tasty yet healthy snacking option! It is packed with many nutrients, vitamin C, no saturated fat, no cholesterol, and no sodium which makes it a great choice for snacking.

Through this article, we will put light upon the amazing health benefits of corn which will definitely give you a reason to quit those unhealthy snacks and move on to corn, a healthy and tasty alternative!

One medium-size corn contains the following Nutrition value.
    • Calories: 88
    • Sodium: 15mg
    • Fibre: 2g
    • Carbohydrates: 19g
    • Fat: 1.4g
    • Protein: 3.3g
    • Sugars: 6.4g

Supply Essential Minerals

It is utmost to provide the required nutrition to our body for its normal functioning as lack of vital minerals and other nutrients may lead to malnutrition.

Corn makes an amazing choice when it comes to the minerals for the body. Corn is rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, zinc, and phosphorus, which are essential for humans to survive a healthy life.

These minerals help in strengthening the immune system and protect the body from harmful bacteria.

Corn - Supply Essential Minerals
Corn – Supply Essential Minerals

Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Heart issues have become so common these days and high cholesterol is one of the prime reasons to cause such problems. As per one of the studies conducted on some men and women, it was found that consuming food cooked in corn oil can help in lowering the high cholesterol level by almost 11% as compared to the extra virgin olive oil, which reduced the LDL cholesterol by 3.5%.

This means corn oil works three times better to reduce the bad cholesterol levels.

Corn - Reduce Cholesterol Levels
Corn – Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Treat Diabetes

Sweet corn is considered ideal for those with diabetes due to its glycemic index of 58. Corns are infused with lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, and phytochemicals which help in regulating the release of insulin.

Both the glycemic index and insulin helps in controlling diabetes. Besides, these phenolic phytochemicals in sweet corn help in preventing hypertension.

Corn - Treat Diabetes
Corn – Treat Diabetes

Prevent from Cancer

Corn might be helpful in reducing the risk of certain kinds of cancer such as colon and lung cancer. Corns provide a great source of fibre, approx 7.3gm in 100g which can reduce the cholesterol levels along with the risk of developing colon cancer.

Corn also contains a compound called beta-cryptoxanthin, which helps in enhancing lung health and thus, helps in decreasing the chance of lung cancer.

Additionally, corns are filled with ferulic acid and phenolic flavonoid antioxidants which play an important part in preventing cancer.

Corn - Prevent Cancer
Corn – Prevent Cancer

Promote Eye Health

Zeaxanthin and Lutein are the carotenoids found in corn which provides reddish and yellowish colour to the veggies and fruits. These plant-based carotenoids are also present in our eyes, which prevent our eyes from any sort of oxidative damage which may even lead to macular degeneration.

These carotenoids work to block the blue light from entering the retina of our eyes. According to a number of studies, it was concluded that Zeaxanthin and Lutein help in preventing macular degeneration or might slow down this disease.

Corn - Promote Eye Health
Corn – Promote Eye Health

Prevention from Anaemia

Anaemia is caused due to the lesser number of red blood cells or haemoglobin which leads to issues like fatigue and paleness. It is one of the common conditions nowadays and iron deficiency is the most common type of anaemia, especially in women.

When the number of red blood cells is less in the body, it will impact the blood products due to the lack of red blood cells which stores almost 70% of iron, that is why iron is essential for blood production.

Adding corn to your diet can help in increasing the iron percentage in the body along with other nutrients like vitamin B6 and folic acid, which helps in generating the red blood cells and therefore, prevent anaemia.

Corn - Prevents Anaemia
Corn – Prevents Anaemia

Provides Hair Health

Get stronger and longer hair with corn! Corns help in increasing the blood circulation in the scalp which will eventually eliminate various hair problems. Corns are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C.

This helps in proper hair growth by ensuring the absorption of iron in the body while also producing a protein called Collagen, this protein provides body and structure to your hair so that they remain healthy and strong.

Corn - Provides Hair Health
Corn – Provides Hair Health

Good for the Skin

Collagen, the structural protein is also found in the skin which helps in maintaining healthy skin. Corn helps in increasing the production of collagen protein due to being rich in vitamin C and lycopene.

Both these antioxidants are important for producing collagen. Collagen protects the skin from the harmful UV rays which can cause free radicals in the skin and harm it.

Therefore, collagen is necessary for the skin to maintain elasticity, prevent wrinkles, and maintain moisture in the skin.

Corns - Good for Skin
Corns – Good for Skin

Beneficial in Pregnancy

Good news for those who are pregnant and crave for corn! Having corn in pregnancy can be beneficial as corn supports healthy brain development of the fetus due to the presence of a vitamin called Thiamine.

Corns also consist of pantothenic acid which provides healthy organs functioning. Additionally, sweet corn consists of folic acid, which is essential for a pregnant woman to have.

However, in case you are suffering from swollen feet, discuss it with your doctor before having it.

Corn - Beneficial in Pregnancy
Corn – Beneficial in Pregnancy

Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

A large number of population is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease which is also known as Senile dementia. This progressive disease leads to memory damage including other mental instabilities.

Corns offer a dense supply of thiamin vitamin which is essential for normal brain functioning. This protein functions to synthesize acetylcholine which helps in enhancing memory.

It is recommended to have 1.2 mg of thiamin by males and 1.1 mg by females who are over the age of 18. Yellow corn consists of 0.3 mg thiamin per 100 gm of weight.

Corns - Prevents Alzheimer Disease
Corns – Prevents Alzheimer Disease

Corns offer many health benefits such as prevention from heart diseases, diabetes, anaemia, skin issues, and hair problems.

It even helps women in pregnancy by supplied enough amounts of folic acid to the body which makes it an ideal choice which is not just tasty, munchy but also healthy depending upon the way it has been cooked and consumed.

So make sure to include it in your regular diet and enjoy the incredible health benefits.

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