Fitness Exercise During Pregnancy

10 Best Fitness Exercise To Do During Pregnancy


Pregnancy can be compared to roller-coaster rides, there are so many common health problems in pregnancy that a woman goes through such as the swollen ankle, backache, irregular sleep, and constipation, bloating, etc.

There is nothing much that could be done about these symptoms but exercising provides a great way to cope up with these pains.

Working out and exercising does not only ease the pain but also elevates mood and help in postpartum recovery. It also helps the baby in the long run as exercising in pregnancy improves the heart health, reduces BMI, and elevates the brain capability of the baby to be born.

There are many kinds of exercises that are considered safe during pregnancy but it’s always better to consult your medical expert before opting for something new. Moreover, the duration of exercise should also be kept in mind. It should not be like that your workout schedule is leaving you tired and exhausted.

Through this article, we will cover some of the best exercises during pregnancy which will leave a great impact on both the mental and physical health of mother and child.


It’s time to get your sneakers on! Walking is counted as the easiest exercise to go for during pregnancy and what’s even better, is that you can continue with walking until your date of delivery.

This simple and convenient exercise can be carried out easily during the morning or evening hours. Besides, you don’t even need any special equipment or so to do this exercise.

It’s better to walk in an open environment rather than on a treadmill to stay safe from any accident due to the use of an electric treadmill.

Walking - Exercise During Pregnancy
Walking – Exercise During Pregnancy


If you wish to pick something faster than walking then running/jogging makes a great choice. It’s important to take care of the terrain while running/jogging during pregnancy.

Therefore, make sure you are doing that on a plain surface additionally, make sure to wear quality running shoes to avoid any pains or injury. Again, consulting your doctor is always recommended before opting for any such activity.

Running/Jogging - During Pregnancy
Running/Jogging – During Pregnancy


Low-intensity dancing and Zumba etc are a great way to increase your aerobic activity and heart rate. However, it is essential to be careful with a few things like over-bending/stretching, jumping with force, and exhaustion due to such forms of exercising.

The movements which include balancing and require more strength should be avoided by pregnant women to stay away from any kind of problem.

Dancing - Exercise During Pregnancy
Dancing – Exercise During Pregnancy


Swimming is probably the safest workout during pregnancy as it offers agility and lightness to the body. Swimming can help in beating away pains, ankle swelling, and nausea.

Also, floating in water does not give any negative impact or injury to the body such as knee and joints shock. However, there are still a few things which you must be careful about like walking on a slippery surface, avoiding jumping into a pool or diving, performing certain strokes, etc.

Swimming - Exercise During Pregnancy
Swimming – Exercise During Pregnancy

Indoor Cycling

Cycling is yet another brilliant exercise to do in pregnancy. Since it’s important to stay safe during pregnancy thus, it’s better to do indoor cycling to avoid any injury or so. If your doctor gives you thumbs up for cycling then there is no other indoor workout that can beat it.

You can paddle at your own pace without any tension of falling or getting injured. However, it’s important to listen to your body also at the same time, if you feel any stress or discomfort, it’s better to stop paddling then and there and seek your doctor.

Indoor Cycling - During Pregnancy
Indoor Cycling – During Pregnancy


Yoga is indeed calming and relaxing and that’s the reason why it’s the best exercise to do in pregnancy. You can opt for those poses and asana which are suggested for pregnant women and don’t require much stretching, bending, and body strength.

Joining a yoga class that specifically focuses on pregnancy is a good way to inculcate yoga in your lifestyle. If you are practicing yoga by yourself then avoid backbends and inversion poses like headstand and handstand as these poses may shoot the blood pressure.

Yoga - Exercise During Pregnancy
Yoga – Exercise During Pregnancy

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting helps in muscle toning, even during pregnancy. If you have been doing weight lifting for a long time then there should not be any problem with continuing that during pregnancy. But, it’s better to lift light weights than usual and increase the repetitions if you want to avoid any issue.

For those who have never done weight lifting, it’s better to consult your doctor before going for such a workout schedule. Also, if you experience any kind of fatigue, lightheadedness or stress while lifting weight, irrespective of your experience, it’s suggested to stop doing that then and there and consult your doctor.

Weight Lifting - Exercise During Pregnancy
Weight Lifting – Exercise During Pregnancy


Pilates can be done during pregnancy but it’s important to go for exercises tailored for pregnancy. If you have already been doing pilates then inform your instructor about your condition and opt for suitable pilate exercises.

This form of exercise helps in core and muscle strengthening which improves flexibility and posture while also being helpful during labor. Avoid exercises that include overstretching/bending and difficult moves.

Pilates - Exercise During Pregnancy
Pilates – Exercise During Pregnancy


A combination of yoga, pilates, and ballet makes Barre. This form of workout is highly beneficial during pregnancy as it helps in strengthening the lower body and abdomen without much need of hopping and jumping.

Barre also includes some balancing exercises which provide stability to the baby bump. However, it’s essential to keep your instructor well informed about your condition and opt for only those exercises which can be done easily without causing any discomfort and stress.

Consult your doctor before going for a barre and discontinue it if you feel any sort of issue or problem.

Barre - Exercise During Pregnancy
Barre – Exercise During Pregnancy

Tai Chi

Tai chi makes a great pregnancy workout as it includes slow moves which can even be easily done by the newbies. If you have not been much associated with workout throughout your life then Tai chi is a great option.

This form of exercise strengthens the body without any risk of being injured. If you have already been doing tai chi and do not feel any uneasiness while doing it during pregnancy, then you can consider continuing with it.

You can inform your instructor to include only light exercises that can be done in pregnancy in your schedule or else, opt for maternity-specific tai chi classes. For pregnant ladies who are going to opt for this workout, it is important to consult your doctor first.

Tai- Chi - Exercise During Pregnancy
Tai- Chi – Exercise During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not easy, there are many ups and downs that a lady goes through like swelling, aches, pains, and issues like constipation. However, some exercises and forms of workouts can help in relieving the common health problems during pregnancy, while also supporting your overall health and fitness.

We have created this list of ten workouts that can be done during pregnancy. But, at the same time, before starting with any of these exercises, it is vital to take advice from your doctor regarding your condition and fitness level to perform these exercises.

Also, at any point, if you feel discomfort while doing these exercises, stop immediately and inform your consultant.

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