Boost Your Immunity to Stay Fit During Coronavirus

How to Boost Your Immunity to Stay Fit During Coronavirus


Today, the Coronavirus pandemic has shaken the health systems of most prominent countries in the world. The rising number of positive cases and death ratios has shattered the biggest economies in the world. Until the time a valid vaccine comes out in the market, masks and social distancing seems like the new way of life.

However, there is always some hope when there is darkness all around and even the most deadly pandemic has some loopholes that can let us stay safe. Yes, there is a way to stay prevented against Coronavirus. It is by boosting your immunity. You have heard it right if you build a strong immune system that keeps you prevented against Coronavirus.

Over a period of years, the world has been vouching on the fact that Ayurveda is indeed a therapeutic alternative treatment to cure illnesses. Hence, during the COVID-19 pandemic let’s talk about Ayurveda’s immunity-boosting measures for self-care during COVID 19 crisis.

Let’s unveil the power of Ayurveda and its role in building immunity. Our body’s natural defense system (immunity) plays an important role in maintaining optimum health. Hence, it is important to strengthen our immunity so that our body is prepared to fight with the virus if contracted with COVID-19.

Before we talk in detail about Ayurveda and how it plays a crucial role in building immunity let us understand what immunity is and how strengthening immunity helps us tackle the Coronavirus pandemic?

Immunity, this term refers to the ability to resist a particular infection by the action antibodies or white blood cells present in our body. These white blood cells are the fighter teams in our body and hence if immunity is strengthened these white blood cells will be better equipped to tackle Coronavirus.

Briefly, we follow prevention methods by boosting immunity so that we do not have to stay worried about the cure.

Ayurveda strongly believes in Dinacharya” – daily routine or daily measures and “Ritucharya” – seasonal regimes to maintain a healthy life. We need to follow some seasonal and daily tips to boost our immunity while the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tips to Boost Your Immunity System

Daily measures to boost your immunity system as suggested by the Ministry of AYUSH India.

  1. Consume warm water throughout the day.
  2. Include spices like turmeric, jeera (cumin), dhaniya (coriander) and garlic in your culinary preparations (Most of the Indian food preparations include these spices).
  3. Perform Yogasana, Pranayama and meditation for at least 30 minutes at home.
Drink Water To Boost Immunity
Drink Water To Boost Immunity

Immunity Boosting Measures

  1. Have Turmeric and milk everyday.
  2. Have Chyamanprash two spoons a day.
  3. Have herbal tea to boost your immunity.

Basic Ayurvedic Measures

Basic Ayurvedic measures to tackle treat normal dry cough and sore throat during Coronavirus Pandemic.

  • Inhale Ajwain (Carom seeds) + Pudina (Mint leaves) warm water concoction to clear throat.
  • Lavang (Clove) powder with honey can be consumed twice a day.
  • You can apply sesame oil or coconut oil or even Ghee (clarified butter) in both the nostrils (Pratimarsh Nasya) in the morning and evening.
  • Oil pulling therapy – Just take one-tablespoon sesame or coconut oil in the mouth. Do not drink, Swish in within your mouth for 2 to 3 minutes and spit it off followed by a warm water rinse. This can be done once or twice a day.

These are the list of Ayurvedic measures that help in boosting your immunity.

Intake Nutritional Foods

Undoubtedly, your food plays an important role in building a healthy lifestyle. Every bit that you consume counts heavily. To make sure that your immunity keeps getting strong day by day there are several tips that you need to follow.

  1. Avoid eating too much-refined flour i.e. Maida based food instead go for whole-grain Atta or flour.
  2. Remember carbs produce glucose for energy, but since you are in lockdown you do not burn many calories and do not need so much glucose and limit your carb intake.
  3. Consumption of carb-rich diet may lead to diabetes and hypertension, which will, in turn, hamper your immunity.
  4. Take protein and vitamins in your diet; include green veggies, legumes, pulses, and fresh fruits.
  5. Particularly, foods like mushrooms, tomato, bell pepper and green vegetables like broccoli, spinach are great immunity boosters and help to build resilience in the body to fight against infections.
  6. Consume Ginger, Amla, and Turmeric, etc. to increase the fighting resilience of your body.
  7. Some herbs help in boosting immunity like Basil or Tulsi leaves, Black cumin, sunflower seeds, Flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and melon seeds, etc. are excellent sources of protein and vitamin E.
  8. Curd is also a probiotic and helps in developing a healthy gut, however, if you have a cough and cold symptoms then avoid having it.
  9. Avoid sugar and instead, have jiggery it is a healthier option.
  10. Don’t overeat.

Let us look at how to follow simple measures, which help in building a strong immune system during the lockdown.

Stay Hyderated

Make sure you have 3-4 liters water daily it will help in flushing toxins and reduce the impact of infection. You can also consume coconut water to stay super hydrated.

Stay Hydrated
Stay Hydrated

Sleep Well

You may want to binge watch your favourite series to kill the quarantine time but remember sleep plays an important role in building a strong immune system. If you do not sleep well your body will impair other functions and may make you fall weak against infection.

Get Good Sleep
Get Good Sleep

Exercise Daily

These days’ popular celebrities and fitness experts conduct online sessions. However, make sure you do not injure yourself. Practise light and easy exercises and avoid stepping outside your home to jog.

Exercise Daily
Exercise Daily

Stay Stress Free – Do Not Panic

Indulge yourself in reading books, listening to music and spending quality time with family. Read and watch news but do not overthink or discuss too much about it. Remember your mental health is equally important just like your physical health. Staying positive helps.

Stay Stress Free
Stay Stress Free

We hope you are staying indoors and following social distancing norms. However, follow the above tips to make sure that your body’s immunity is strong enough to fight the disease.

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