Best Foods For Hair Growth

8 Best Foods For Hair Growth


Healthy, thick and lustrous locks are what everyone desires for, be it either male or female as your hair gives that extra edge to your personality. The fact that your hair texture and quality entirely changes your look cannot be disapproved! People dive into the use of various sorts of chemical-induced methods and procedures to get their hair goals.

But is it worth it? The answer is a big no! There is no point in investing a steep amount of money on chemicals and synthetic procedures to get the desired hair goals as the health and growth of your hair depends upon what you eat including your lifestyle, heredity, and age.

Well, it’s true that we cannot do much about the factors such as age and heredity but can always work upon factors like diet and lifestyle! Since it’s evident that your health is the reflection of your diet therefore through this article, we will discuss the best foods for hair growth and thickness!

There is no doubt that we are so lucky to be born as humans and have perks to access various forms of foods that supply enough vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to function our body properly. Then why not make most of it benefit our hair, skin, and body.


It is said that having a handful of nuts everyday caters the need to provide required nourishment to the body including hair. Certainly, they are super tasty to devour upon and also available easily throughout the year to provide amazing benefits.

Nuts such as almond help in promoting hair growth due to being rich in vitamin E that functions to provide needed nutrition to hair. Apart from being a rich source of vitamin E, it also provides a sufficient supply of zinc, fatty acids, and vitamin B, etc., which contribute towards healthy hair growth while preventing hair loss. So make the most of it and include a handful of almonds in your routine.

Dry-fruits for Hair Growth
Dry-fruits for Hair Growth


We all know that Eggs provide a great source of biotin and protein, which are equally essential to promote the growth of hair. It is said that protein deficiency causes hair loss as hair follicles are mostly made up of protein-like structure.

Biotin, on the other hand, works to produce a hair protein called keratin, which is widely available in the market in the form of supplements. However, in most cases, the loss of hair is due to protein rather than biotin.

So, involve more protein-rich foods like the egg in your diet to get the benefits of minerals like selenium and zinc to get healthy hair growth.

Eggs for Hair Growth
Eggs for Hair Growth

Sunflower Seeds

How wonderful it would be if you can fasten your hair growth with foods that include hardly any calories. Well, Sunflower seeds will help gear up your hair growth without being heavy on calorific value.

It is rich in vitamin E, selenium and zinc that helps promote healthy hair growth while providing a good percentage content of vitamin E required daily. Besides, it is also rich in other components like vitamin B and omega fatty acids, which are again considered good to enhance hair growth.

Sunflower Seeds for Hair Growth
Sunflower Seeds for Hair Growth


Besides being nutritious and tasty, Avocados provides a good source of healthy fats. Being composed of vitamin E, it works effectively to promote hair growth while fulfilling your required daily percentage of vitamin E.

Vitamin E is rich in antioxidant properties that help fight against oxidative damage by combating free radicals. According to one of the studies, people who included vitamin E supplements in their daily routine experienced more hair growth as compared to those who didn’t include it in their routine.

Additionally, Vitamin E also helps in repairing the scalp texture or skin which can also be responsible for slow hair growth. The fatty acids found in Avocado cannot be produced by the body therefore, to replenish the need, one must opt for including avocados in their diet.

Avocado for Hair Growth
Avocado for Hair Growth


The green and leafy Spinach is a house to several nutrients such as iron, vitamin A and C, and folate which are essential for the growth of hair. The presence of vitamin A helps in the production of sebum, which is an oily substance responsible to maintain healthy and moisturized scalp.

It is said that having a cup full of spinach daily fulfills at least 50% of your daily vitamin A needs. Also, the presence of iron functions to promote hair growth by effectively supplying oxygen to the body to charge up the metabolism and hence promoting fast hair growth. So, go green to get healthy and fast hair growth!

Spinach for Hair Growth
Spinach for Hair Growth


Grapes is one such fruit that doesn’t need any effort to be consumed. Just wash it and have it on the go! Grapes provide a good amount of antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds that help in limiting cellular damage.

The production of Oligomeric proanthocyanidins in grapes fight against dihydrotestosterone compounds that are responsible for hair loss while stimulating hair follicles growth. So, don’t forget to include grapes in your diet if you want fast and healthy hair growth!

Grapes for Hair Growth
Grapes for Hair Growth


Fatty fishes such as salmon are considered rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D that are not just good for hair but also for skin and heart. The presence of fatty acids and docosahexaenoic acid works in activating certain proteins in the body that helps in promoting hair growth while reducing hair loss! So, for both healthy hair and heart opt for fatty fishes such as tuna, herring, and salmon.

Fish for Hair Growth
Fish for Hair Growth

Plain Yogurt

There are scores of health benefits that come from Yogurt. It not only benefits your immune system by making your gut stronger but also functions to promote healthy hair growth. The protein content in unsweetened Yogurt is just commendable that provides body and built to hair to make them look gorgeous and nourished.

The presence of good bacteria in Yogurt helps the absorption of nutrients in full swing to maximize the benefit. The best part is that Yogurt can be consumed at any time of the day and with any meal. So make the most of this tasty and healthy food by clubbing it with fruits or berries to get shiny and strong locks!

Yogurt for Hair Growth
Yogurt for Hair Growth

There is no such secret to get to your hair goals. To get strong, shiny and healthy locks you don’t even need to spend much, all that you need to do is to eat! Eating the right kinds of foods that provide a rich source of fatty acids, vitamins, and proteins to promote healthy hair growth.

There are several such foods as mentioned above that help to deal with hair and scalp problems while providing all that you need to keep your hair healthy. To inculcate a good amount of these foods in your regime and extract all the benefits from these best foods to eat for healthy hair growth.

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