Nutritional Benefits Of Mango

10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits Of Mango – The King Of Fruits


Mango or the “King of Fruits” has served as a delicacy for millions of years now. Known as a native to India, which was first cultivated in its northeastern part.

This juicy, pulpy, sweet and super tasty fruit is relished mainly during summers in various forms and devoured by the majority of people.

Mango has more than a hundred types that come in different sorts of shape, colour, and size, some are to be peeled and cut whereas some can directly be slurped upon.

But did you know, apart from being tasty and juicy, mangoes are packed with a variety of health benefits?

Mangoes are known to be sealed with an impeccable nutritive value which helps in preventing many health conditions such as cancers while taking care of Immunity, Eyesight and gut health.

Nutritional Value Of Mango:

A 165 gm of mango provides the below nutritional value.

Mango Nutrition Facts
Mango Nutrition Facts

Well, if you are a mango lover and patiently wait for its season then this post will give you another reason to enjoy this scrumptious fruit even more!

Packed With Antioxidants

Mangoes are zipped with different kinds of antioxidants such as benzoic acid, mangiferin, rhamnetin, anthocyanins and kaempferol etc. which are derived from a plant compound called polyphenols.

These antioxidants are vital for humans as they protect the cells from damage caused by free radicals. The free radicals are also responsible for some grave health conditions and aging. So, enjoy mangoes to keep your system active and safe!

Mango Packed With Antioxidants
Mango Packed With Antioxidants

Maintain Eye Health With Mangoes

Eyes are the most vital and sensitive organ, therefore taking the utmost care of it imperative. Mangoes are rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin and lutein which functions to maintain overall eye health.

The presence of a rich amount of these essential antioxidants prevents certain eye conditions such as vision loss, macular degeneration, and corneal scarring, etc.

Mangoes Maintains Eyes Health
Mangoes Maintains Eyes Health

Repair And Heal Your Skin And Hair

Mangoes are enriched with vitamin A and C which functions to protect and nourish the skin and hair. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen protein which is essential for providing body and structure to the skin and hair to prevent wrinkles and sagging.

Whereas vitamin A works to provide moisture and nourishment to the scalp, which in return keeps the hair healthy intact.

Mango For Hair And Skin
Mango For Hair And Skin

Aid Digestion

If you are suffering from digestive issues such as constipation then eating mangoes may help you with it! Mangoes are equipped with Amylases, an active enzyme that helps in breaking down the food particles into small chunks so that they can be easily absorbed.

The ripe mangoes contain a hefty amount of these enzymes, which breaks down carbohydrates into the forms of sugar. Besides, mangoes contain a good amount of water and fibre which helps in dealing with digestive issues.

Mangoes Aid Digestion
Mangoes Aid Digestion

Shoot-Up Immunity With Mangoes

If you are lacking on immunity, start involving mangoes in your diet. Mangoes are rich in vitamin C content, it contains enough vitamin C to meet the daily value required by the body. This power-packet vitamin helps in problems like common flu and cold away.

Shoot-Up Immunity With Mangoes
Shoot-Up Immunity With Mangoes

Mangoes May Help In Keeping The Heart Happy

A healthy heart is a happy heart! Mangoes are infused with potassium, mangiferin and magnesium which help in keeping an array of health issues at bay such as high blood pressure and cholesterol by relaxing the blood vessels and maintaining the healthy pulse rate.

Mangoes Keep Heart Happy
Mangoes Keep Heart Happy

Improved Gut Health

If you think only plain yogurt can help in maintaining your gut health, then you might be missing something!

Well, mango flesh or peel houses prebiotic dietary fibres which help in stimulating good bacterias in the gut. A healthy gut helps in keeping many digestive issues away such as constipation and poor digestion while preventing issues such as asthma and low metabolism.

Mangoes Improves Gut Health
Mangoes Improves Gut Health

Prevention From Certain Cancers

Mangoes might help in preventing certain kinds of cancer such as lung cancer, breast cancer, leukaemia, and prostate cancer, etc due to the presence of anti-cancer properties which come from polyphenols.

Polyphenols help in dealing with oxidative stress which might lead to cancer. However, more study is required in this field to confirm the same.

Mangoes Prevents Cancer
Mangoes Prevents Cancer

Helps In Lowering Cholesterol

Mangoes provide a decent supply of fibre pectin which might help in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol or LDL/lipoprotein which is the main reason for blocking the blood vessels and accumulation of plaque in them.

Therefore consuming mangoes can help in maintaining high cholesterol levels by lowering them down.

Mangoes Helps Lowering Cholesterol
Mangoes Helps Lowering Cholesterol

Can Also Be Enjoyed By Diabetics

We are often mistaken that mangoes are a strict no-no for those with diabetes. But it’s just a myth, mangoes have a glycemic index that ranges from 41-60, with 51 being its average which is considered safe to be consumed by diabetic patients.

Foods that are greater than the value of 55 on the glycemic scale are considered unsafe for diabetics. Whereas, the foods with lower glycemic range do not produce any spike in the blood sugar levels.

So even diabetics can enjoy this fruit but in moderation. Also, consider consulting your doctor before including this fruit in your diet. Besides, due to being rich in dietary fiber content, they help in maintaining the blood sugar levels.

Mangoes Can Be Enjoyed By Diabetics
Mangoes Can Be Enjoyed By Diabetics

Various Ways Of Relishing Mangoes

Mangoes can be enjoyed in several ways depending upon your taste and choice.

  1. Include mangoes in your fruit salad bowl.
  2. Mangoes can be enjoyed in puddings, cakes, and custard.
  3. Make a mango juice, smoothie or shake.
  4. Have it as a whole.


Mango aka “The King of Fruits” does not need any reason to be enjoyed! Summers are here, so get indulge in mangoes!

Apart from being tasty, juicy and pulpy it provides numerous health-related benefits such as promotes eye health, prevents various forms of cancer, improves gut health and whatnot.

Include them in your smoothies, shake, salads and juices or just have them as a whole!

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