Benefits of Jamun

7 Nutritional Benefits of Jamun Fruit


We have already spoken enough about eating seasonal and regional fruits. You may love drooling over the blueberry cheesecakes but not many of you know that India too has its own version of desi blueberry? It is none other than Jamun.

The biological name for Jamun fruit is Syzygium Cumini it is widely cultivated in Indian subcontinents, New Zealand and many Asian countries traditionally every house had Jamun tree as a backyard friend.

Remember those summer days when you see little kids throwing stones to get a bunch of Jamun. Due to its appearance it is also called the Indian olive and purple berry. Its black skin and tarty tasting flesh within is extremely juicy.

This fruit is not just a tasty appetizer and summer friend that tastes great with some salt sprinkle but also boasts off plenty of health benefits.

Contains Antioxidants

Jamun helps in body detoxification. The fruit is enriched with vitamin A and vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, zinc, and iron, among other.

Jamun Contains Antioxidants
Jamun Contains Antioxidants

Diabetic Friendly Fruit

Many fruits contain a lot of natural sugar but being a Diabetic or a sugar control eater, in general, you may tend to avoid high sugar fruits in summer especially when there is a huge demand for jackfruit or mangoes.

Under such scenarios, you can blindly rely on Jamun as a sugar control fruit Jamun converts starch into energy and keep your blood sugar levels in check. It has a low Glycemic index, which makes it perfect for Diabetics.

In addition, it helps in reducing many commonly faced symptoms such as frequent urination and thrusting. Aren’t these eye-opening facts amazing for all those who wish to keep a check on sugar intake? You do not have to miss consuming summer fruits now.

You can safely add Jamun to your food routine and leave behind sugar control worries.

Jamun Diabetic Friendly Fruit
Jamun Diabetic Friendly Fruit

Beautify Your Skin

Not many of you know but Jamun effectively tackles acne issues, which is one of the commonly faced skin issues. Once you are done eating Jamun do not throw away the seeds. Dry the seeds and crush it with the help of a mixer grinder to make a fine powder.

Now, mix the powder with milk to form a paste. Make sure you apply this paste on your face every morning and see visible results in a few days. To reduce dark spots, you can mix Jamun powder with gram flour, Almond oil, and rose water.

This face pack will help in reducing dark spots. We bet that you did not know about these hidden benefits of Jamun fruit. This super fruit is so useful that even the seeds have plenty of benefits to explore.

Now, that it’s summer and Jamun are available in huge quantities, so buy the fruits eat it and store the seeds for using year-long duration.

Jamun Beautify your Skin
Jamun Beautify your Skin

Promotes Oral Health

Jamun has many antibacterial properties, which does wonder for oral health. Your teeth and helps in gum strengthening and prevents gum bleeding and common teeth infections.

Jamun Promotes Oral Health
Jamun Promotes Oral Health

Helps in Losing Weight

This high fiber food helps in losing weight. When you consume Jamun it keeps you full for a long period of time due to which you don’t feel hungry frequently.

Jamun Helps in Losing Weight
Jamun Helps in Losing Weight

Prevents Stomach Health

Jamun helps in treating diabetes disorders and is prevents the occurrence of stomach ulcers. Not many know but Jamum is playing an important role in the prevention of liver diseases such as necrosis and fibrosis.

Since, it contains biochemical and phytochemical substances like polyphenol, the black plum or Syzygium cumini acts like an anti-cancer substance. This super fruit solves acidity when it is taken along with roasted cumin powder and black salt.

Jamun Prevents Stomach Health
Jamun Prevents Stomach Health

Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Jamun is loaded with high amounts of potassium. This fruit is extremely beneficial in keeping heart-related ailments away. If you consume regularly it prevents the hardening of arteries, which leads to atherosclerosis and reduces the various symptoms of high blood pressure.

It actively controls hypertension and prevents strokes and cardiac arrests. If you consume 100 grams of Jamun Juice, you get 79 mg of potassium, which makes this juicy fruit appropriate for a high blood pressure diet.

Jamun Keeps your Heart Healthy
Jamun Keeps your Heart Healthy

If you feel that Jamun is a seasonal fruit and you cannot have it for more than 3-4 months, you are mistaken. We have an exciting Jamun recipe, which can help you store it for a long time and consume daily.

How to Make Jamun Sweet and Sour Jam at Home?
  1. 1 Kilogram Jamun
  2. 1 Kilogram Jaggery or Sugar
  3. Half Kg Apples or Watermelon rinds
  4. Spices: Fennel seeds, Cardamom, and Cinnamon powder.
  1. Wash and cut the fruits in small pieces.
  2. Boil sugar or jaggery in water.
  3. Once the sugar syrup melts or the jaggery starts loosening add the spices and mix thoroughly.
  4. Now, add the fruits and let the fruits melt.
  5. Keep on stirring for 10-20 minutes until all the fruits are squishy and the jam gets a dense texture.
  6. Now, keep it aside for an hour or two to cool.
  7. One the mixture cools down store it in a container.
  8. Refrigerate it for long-term usage.
Jamun Jam
Jamun Jam

It is the best way to make your kids consume healthy food that has a great taste too.

Adverse Effects of Jamun
  1. Do not consume milk after having Jamun.
  2. Avoid eating in on an empty stomach.
  3. Too much consumption can lead to a cough.
  4. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding avoid consuming this fruit.

Everyone all over the globe especially in the Asian subcontinents loves this super fruit. If you have not tried it, yet buy some and explore all the health and nutritional benefits explained above.

If you have any more tips and wish to share more information related to this super fruit please mention it in the comment below.

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