Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

10 Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit


Have you ever come across a fruit that looks like a blooming bud? If yes, then you unwittingly caught a glimpse of the elusive Dragon fruit. Popularly known as Pitaya or the strawberry pear, Dragon Fruit belongs to the cactus family.

With a perfect blend of small edible seeds and crunchy texture, Dragon fruit tastes mildly sweet and exudes a fresh essence in every bite. Well, that is all about the fruit and its appearance.

There are two variants of Dragon fruit one has a bright pink inner colour and the other is the most common white pulp both have black seeds. Let us learn something about its uses, health benefits for skin, and nutritional value.

Amazing Antioxidants

Dragon fruit boosts your immune system and helps in strengthening the defense mechanism of your body. By eliminating free radicals, it also helps prevent cancer and several other harmful diseases to an extent.

Dragon Fruit - Amazing Antioxidants
Dragon Fruit – Amazing Antioxidants

Vital Vitamins

Although Vitamin C is a crucial element in Dragon fruit, it also contains an abundance of Vitamin B. Right from carbohydrate metabolism to healthy skin to maintaining cholesterol levels, each spoon of Dragon fruit offers copious nutrition.

Dragon Fruit - Vital Vitamins
Dragon Fruit – Vital Vitamins

Digestion at Ease

This fruit is rich in fibre, which aids digestion. By promoting the growth of probiotics, Dragon fruit ensures your digestion process works smoothly.

Dragon Fruit - Digestion at Ease
Dragon Fruit – Digestion at Ease

Fights Diabetes

Dragon fruit is undoubtedly the super fruit this season all thanks to its rejuvenating nutritious benefits. For instance, it is also known to stabilize blood sugar levels by suppressing sugar spikes.

Dragon Fruit - Fights Diabetes
Dragon Fruit – Fights Diabetes

Curbs Cancer

Research has shown that Lycopene – responsible for the red colour of the fruit lowers the risk of prostate cancer. Although a little strange in appearance as compared to the other fruits, Dragon fruit offers you a wide number of health benefits.

Dragon Fruit - Curbs Cancer
Dragon Fruit – Curbs Cancer

Beat the Bulge

A bulging belly is often a turn-off, and many of us try to get rid of it. Low in calories and carbohydrates, Dragon fruit helps you shed those extra pounds. This highly fibrous fruit will make you feel satisfied and your belly full for long hours. Therefore, you end up eating less, and in turn, your weight reduces on the weighing scale.

Dragon Fruit - Beat the Bulge
Dragon Fruit – Beat the Bulge

Younger the Better

Regularly consuming Dragon fruit is also an excellent and easy way to upkeep a younger-looking skin. Dragon Fruit effectively works against free radicals, which helps maintain tighter and glowing skin for years to come.

Dragon Fruit - Younger the Better
Dragon Fruit – Younger the Better

Avoids Acne

Teenagers can turn this tropical fruit into a paste and apply it on the reddened areas of their visage to combat acne. It is rich in Vitamin C copes with the infected areas and renders an acne-free skin texture. Use this ointment twice a day for best results.

Dragon Fruit - Avoids Acne
Dragon Fruit – Avoids Acne

Mild Moisturizer

With high amount of water content, Dragon Fruit really helps in restoring moisture to your skin. Mix Dragon fruit with honey and cucumber for soothing your skin. Also, apply it on sunburned areas for instant relief.

Dragon Fruit - A Mild Moisturizer
Dragon Fruit – A Mild Moisturizer

Controls Sugar

All the diabetics not that this super fruit is a must-have. Many of us know that Dragon fruit has health benefits. However, very few know that it revitalizes our cells, controls the sugar levels largely.

Undoubtedly, the aforementioned beauty tips seem interesting and worth a try. So grab some Dragon fruits soon and get cracking on these simple and easy tips for a brighter, younger, and healthier-looking skin.

Dragon Fruit - Controls Sugar
Dragon Fruit – Controls Sugar

It is not difficult to conclude that Dragon Fruit is indeed a super exotic fruit, which does wonders for skin health and overall improves your physical health too.

Now, that you know that Dragon fruit offers a whole bunch of benefits it is also important for you to know that you can make interesting dragon shakes and add it to your daily breakfast routine.

Here is a simple and easy recipe we call it the Drizzling Dragon, read below to understand how to make it. You can either take pink or white dragon fruit to make it.

Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit
How to Make Drizzling Dragon (Dragon Smoothie)

Kids often refrain from having fruits as a midday snack. They probably don’t like the taste or choose to opt for unhealthier options. This leads to a lack of necessary nutrition and deficiency in vital vitamins as well.

It might be worth tweaking their snack-time by serving the same fruits with a little zest of exoticness.

Ingredients – For the base
  1. Half cup chopped Strawberry
  2. Half cup chopped Pineapple>/li>
  3. Half cup chopped Dragon fruit
  4. One Tablespoon Sugar or Jaggery powder
  5. Two Cups of Skimmed Milk
  6. 1 Tbsp Peanut Butter
Ingredients – For Garnishing
  1. One Scoop of Vanilla Ice-cream (Optional).
  2. Chopped seasonal fruits like Mango, Papaya, Grapes, etc. or soaked dry fruits like Almonds, Pistachio, Cashews or Walnuts (as per the availability).
Dragon Fruit Smoothie
Dragon Fruit Smoothie
  1. In a blender, mix all the base ingredients and blend to a fine puree.
  2. Pour the mixture in multiple glasses and keep it in a refrigerator for cooling.
  3. After 15 minutes, remove the glasses from the refrigerator and add a scoop of ice cream in each glass.
  4. Garnish it with bits of other fruits. Now, your healthy smoothie is ready.

Isn’t it a healthy and tasty way to indulge your child in a nutritious snack? While they enjoy this deliciously exotic smoothie, we would like to know your valuable suggestions and feedbacks.

Drizzling Dragon Smoothie
Drizzling Dragon Smoothie

This isn’t enough that you need to know about Dragon fruit, we will come up with many such exciting news about Dragon fruit and its benefits stay tuned and watch out for many such healthy Gyan as we help you fight day to day health problems and skin complaints seamlessly.

Do put your comments below and share your view on the above article. We are eager to hear from you.

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