Benefits Of Cucumber Juice

6 Best Benefits Of Cucumber Juice for Health


Humans have remained obsessed with the greens throughout their life, in the hope of finding a magical elixir that could heal everything. After the craze about Kale and Celery juice subsided, now it’s time for the Cucumber juice to take over the human lifestyle.

Though there are ample greens to rely on, the majority of people out there prefer gulping down glasses of Cucumber juice. Wondering why? Then, you are probably not aware of the Benefits Of Cucumber Juice yet.

It has probably been said for the n-th number of times that a major percentage of the Cucumbers consists of water, but not all of it. The remaining percentage remains loaded with vitamins and minerals, which aids the individuals and builds immunity. If you are someone who tends to gulp down a glass of Cucumber juice daily, then you may see a lot of benefits coming in already.

Hereby, we are going to introduce you to some of the major Benefits Of Cucumber Juice. So, if you’re not fully convinced yet, they will probably do the job.

Balances the pH Level of the Body

Cucumber tops the list of alkaline foods, and counteracts the effects of an acidic diet, thus maintaining the pH balance of the body. When the pH balance of the body is low, the leptin levels also decrease, which in turn, controls the hunger cravings and reduces inflammation. Moreover, consuming alkaline juices instead of acidic ones helps to fight against a number of diseases too.

Detoxifies the Body

Many talk about it, but hardly someone suggests the right way to do it. Being a rich source of minerals, electrolytes, and vitamins, Cucumbers cleanse the body and removes the accumulated toxins from the body.

Besides, it also consists of diverse compounds that take the liver and the digestive tract into concern and helps to filter out the wastes and toxins from the blood.

Reduces Bloating Tendency

If you feel bloated then and now, the Cucumber juice can help you reduce it to some extent. Being a natural diuretic, it maintains kidney health through the excretion of the wastes and by dissolving the uric acid.

Besides, it also reduces the risk of developing kidney and bladder stones as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Keeps You Hydrated

Hydration is the key to every health problem out there, and a glass of Cucumber juice helps to meet the hydration goal in a gulp. As the major part of Cucumber consists of water, consuming it as a juice ensures that at least half of your body is filled with water.

Ensures Better Digestion

It is said that your food gets digested better if you have a glass of Cucumber juice empty stomach. While cucumbers consist of water, it’s skin consists of insoluble fibers.

So, when you make a juice of the whole, both water and fiber help the food to move smoothly through the digestive tract, thus ensuring better digestion.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Those who suffer from higher blood pressure know how much a little bit of salt can affect their health. So, often individuals with high blood pressure remain deficient in potassium. As Cucumbers serve as a good source of potassium, gulping a glass of cucumber juice can help you reach the goal of potassium level and lower the blood pressure at the same time.

How Much Cucumber Juice to Have?

Just as not having Cucumber juice at all can rob you off from certain benefits, over-drinking it cannot benefit you much. So, to extract the nutritional values of Cucumber juice, you must understand how much to consume.

According to the reports presented by Medical Medium, each individual must consume the juice made of two large cucumbers every day, that is, twelve to twenty ounces.

When to Have Cucumber Juice?

There is no particular time to consume Cucumber juice, and individuals can have it anytime. The only thing that you must keep in mind is to have it when your appetite is partly empty.

Be it after your morning drink, or your lunch, or dinner, make sure that you are always keeping a gap of twenty to thirty minutes between the drink and the meal.

What to Mix in Cucumber Juice?

Literally, nothing. The Cucumber juice itself is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, which does not require anything else to mix in it. However, you can go ahead and add a pinch of black pepper in the juice if you do not like the bland taste of it.

To sum it up all, gulping down a glass of Cucumber juice can do magic to your intestine, improve your digestion, and take care of your metabolism as well. So, instead of jumping from one to another supplement for treating your gut and wait for them to cater, shift to a glass-full of Cucumber juice.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Do I need to choose organic Cucumbers?
Ans: If you want to drink Cucumber juice with the skin on, then it is better to choose an organic one, which doesn’t have any other preservatives.

Q. Should I have the pulp too?
Ans: Once you have made the cucumber juice, it has already got all the nutrients, and thus you do not need the pulp.

Q. Can I add other greens to it?
Ans: Cucumber itself is rich in nutrients, so you certainly do not need any other greens to add to it.

Q. Is peeling Cucumbers necessary?
Ans: If you require fiber and choosing an organic one, then peeling the Cucumber isn’t necessary at all.

Q. Will freezing affect the juice?
Ans: Not much, but it is always a better idea to make it fresh in the morning.

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