Benefits and Side Effects of Beer

Is Beer Good for You? Benefits and Side Effects


You don’t really need an occasion to open up a bottle of beer. Be it your Sunday afternoon, a cricket or football match, friends get together or maybe a family evening, beer has its place fixed! It’s been over a thousand years since beer has been preferred by people all over the world.

This popular alcoholic beverage is made by fermenting and brewing cereal grains like rice etc with hops, yeast, and some flavoring agents. The majority of beers contain 4-6% of alcohol, however, the range can vary from 0.5-40% when it comes to beverages.

Well, we all know that alcohol can be harmful and cause damage to your body but, it is also true that alcoholic drinks like beer might have some health benefits, just like wine, the other member of the alcohol family.

Well, according to some recent studies, it was found that beer may possess some health benefits due to Brewer’s yeast which is the main element of beer that is dense in nutrients.

However, the question is, how much beer is good for you? What health benefits it offers and what can be the downside of having a beer? Keep reading to know all!

Benefits of Drinking Beer?

May Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

A mild to moderate quantity of alcohol might help in improving blood sugar levels in those with diabetes. Some studies state that moderate alcohol helps in reducing insulin resistance including the overall risk of developing diabetes type 2.

According to one big study, it was found that a moderate alcohol intake of like nine drinks a week for women and 14 drinks a week for men can lower the risk of diabetes up to 58 and 43% in case of women and men respectively.

But it doesn’t mean that you start drinking heavily because heavy amounts of drinks can rather increase the risk of diabetes

Beer Regulate Blood Sugar Levels
Beer Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

May Improve Your Heart Health

Many studies show that light to moderate drinks like a beer can help in reducing the risk of heart diseases. According to one study, it was seen that overweight adults who had moderate amounts of beer, like one drink per day for women and two drinks a day for men, showed improvement in the levels of good cholesterol and the ability of the body to eliminate cholesterol.

Another study claimed that moderate intake can also lower the risk of heart diseases, the same as the case of wine. However. It’s important to understand that it should be taken in moderation as an excess of everything is bad and heavy amounts of drinks can lead to heart problems.

Beer Improve Heart Health
Beer Improve Heart Health

Strengthen Bones

Silicon plays an important part in maintaining bone density and beer offers a great source of this element. Besides, the form of silicon that beer contains is called orthosilicic acid, which easily gets metabolized by the body.

Indian pale ale is that one variety of beer which will help in building your bones. Other beers that have hops and malted barley provide the best source of silicon from beer, according to one of the researches on beer.

Beer Strengthen Bones
Beer Strengthen Bones

Aids Digestion

The presence of bitter acids in beer might improve digestion. According to one study, it was found that beers release gastric acid from stomach cells which helps in digestion of food and limiting the growth of bad bacteria in the gut. The bitter the acids, the better the response towards digestive issues.

Beer Aids Digestion
Beer Aids Digestion

Prevent Inflammation

Beer gets its bitter taste from the female flowers or hops of the hop plant which are loaded with chemicals, called bitter acids. These bitter acids have immense health-improving benefits, they help in fighting inflammation.

As per one of the researches, a kind of bitter acid called humulone helps in preventing and curing respiratory problems.

Beer Prevent Inflammation
Beer Prevent Inflammation

Side Effects of Drinking Beer?

Flooded With Calories

Commercial beers are loaded with calories and less in nutrients which makes them a bad choice for those looking for weight loss. Beer intake can make your body burn fewer calories as compared to when you are not drunk.

Beer can give you beer belly and bum. This happens because the liver converts the alcohol in beer into acetate which gets burned by the body to generate energy, however, the excessive fat gets stored in the belly and hips.

Beer Flooded With Calories
Beer Flooded With Calories

Diuretic in Nature

Indeed a mug of beer on a warm day can bring you that relief, but beer can slow down the production of natural antidiuretic hormones in the body which helps the body to retain fluids, therefore, you feel the frequent need to urinate after getting a couple of glasses down.

This can be harmful to those who are into any sort of physical job like athletes as it can cause dehydration due to loss of fruits and urine.

Beer Diuretic in Nature
Beer Diuretic in Nature

Can Cause Hangover

Too much alcohol in any form can lead to hangover and intoxication. This happens because alcohol affects the nervous system and motor skills of a person which can cause accidents or maybe worse.

Beer Can Cause Hangover
Beer Can Cause Hangover

React With Some Medicines

Several sedatives, painkillers, and antibiotics can interact with beer and cause adverse reactions to your health. It can cause headaches and vomiting etc. drinking in moderation is vital as excessive drinking can cause many life-threatening accidents.

Beer React With Some Medicines
Beer React With Some Medicines

Increased Risk of Liver Diseases

Researches say that excessive drinking even beer can cause liver problems. As per one of the researches, it was concluded that having more than 30 gm of alcohol/beer on a daily basis can increase the risk of developing liver diseases like liver cirrhosis.

Some Other Side Effects Include:
  1. Depression
  2. Alcohol dependence
  3. Cancer and in some cases even death
Beer Increase Risk of Liver Diseases
Beer Increase Risk of Liver Diseases

Is Beer Good For You?

Anything in less or moderate amounts is not harmful but things can go messy when in excess. Excessive beer drinking can cause weight gain, cancer, depression, liver diseases, and death in the worst cases. Although beer offers some health benefits, it is better to opt for non-alcoholic options like fruits and vegetables to get those nutrients.

Besides, some evidence shows that drinking low alcohol beer after a workout can improve rehydration but some studies also show that it can also hamper muscle recovery and growth.

Is Beer Good For You
Is Beer Good For You

Beer indeed possesses some health benefits which surely give a vibe of health with fun but at the same time, excessive drinking can lead to some grave concerns like heart problems, high blood pressure, depression, weight gain, and so on.

That is why natural sources like veggies and fruits are considered best to gain some health benefits as they are totally safe and nutritious. Occasional drinking is harmless but heavy drinking on a regular basis can surely get you and your loved ones into big trouble!

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