Best Food For 6-12 Months Old Babies

10 Best Foods For 6-12 Months Old Babies


New parents go through various stages of their baby’s growth. When the babies cross the first six months of his/her life, they can be fed with a variety of foods that provide high nutrition content involving fibres, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, etc. for the baby’s better health and development.

However, it gets challenging for parents to decide what food should the baby be fed and how to start with it? Well in such a scenario, it’s always better to consult your baby’s pediatrician and take baby steps.

Although there are many healthy foods that can be given to babies. Through this article, we will present you with some of the best baby foods to start with.

From being high in protein, rich in fibre to loaded with vitamins, all that is essential for your baby’s health. So just stay with us and get to know all that you need to know about your baby’s health!

But before proceeding make sure your baby is ready to consume solids and introduce one food item at a time to make sure that there is no discomfort or allergic reaction caused to your baby!


Banana tops the list due to being super easy to be consumed by the babies due to being soft in texture. Bananas provide a rich source of potassium, iron, calcium, and vitamins like vitamin B6 and C, which also makes it an ideal food to start with for your baby who has just started eating solids.

Consider mashing or making a puree out of it for your little one. You can also combine it with other easy to eat foods for your babies such as milk and yogurt.

Banana For 6-12 Months Babies
Banana For 6-12 Months Babies


Yogurt is not just easy to eat but also full of nutrients like vitamin D and calcium which are both essential for your baby’s bones and teeth health. You can start giving it to your baby after the age of 6 months.

It is ideal, to begin with, the plain yogurt without any sweetener content which will help in improving the digestive health of your baby. Make sure to opt for full-fat yogurt as fat and calories are vital for the baby. Club it with mashed fruits like banana and mango to make it even nutritious.

Yogurt For 6-12 months Babies
Yogurt For 6-12 months Babies

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes make a portion of great baby food to begin with because of both its naturally sweet flavor and texture. This extremely healthy and beneficial food comes with optimum quantities of iron, copper, vitamin C, minerals, and beta-carotene which are utmost for the health and development of the baby.

Just boil and mash some amount of sweet potatoes and make your baby get introduced to this superfood!

Sweet Potatoes For 6-12 months Babies
Sweet Potatoes For 6-12 months Babies


Lentils are yet another great choice when it comes to healthy and nutritious baby foods. They are packed with dietary fibres, folate, potassium, iron, and proteins which are highly essential for the development of your baby.

So just go ahead and try giving it to your baby in the form of lentils soup or by clubbing with any vegetable like carrot, spinach, and mashed peas, etc. to double the nutrition content.

Lentils For 6-12 months Babies
Lentils For 6-12 months Babies


Prunes just sound fancy, but actually they are dried plums. Prunes make a good choice when it comes to healthy baby food choices due to being full of fibre.

They function to aid digestion and prevent constipation when the baby switches to a solid diet by maintaining the bowel movement. Prunes can be served alone by chopping into very small pieces or as a puree. You can also add it to other baby foods like yogurt, cereal, and oatmeal, etc.

Prunes For 6-12 months Babies
Prunes For 6-12 months Babies

Variety Of Veggies

After your baby starts weaning out consider feeding veggies to him/her. Veggies are important for the healthy growth and development of a baby due to the presence of vitamins, minerals, and fibres, etc. in them, which also helps in preventing any chances of illness and disease.

You may come across several cases when the baby would reject having veggies due to new taste and texture, but do not worry, keep trying as after a while he/she will get used to it. You can opt for veggies such as carrots, broccoli, and spinach, etc.

Veggies For 6-12 months Babies
Veggies For 6-12 months Babies


Meat is suggested as one of the first foods to give your baby due to being rich in iron, zinc, protein and vitamin D, etc. all these nutrients play a vital role in the healthy development and growth of your baby.

Give your baby meat or other poultry products immediately after his/her first six months to prevent various kinds of deficiencies. It may sound a bit odd to feed a baby with such foods immediately after weaning but when properly mined or thoroughly cooked till soft, there are no issues in feeding it to your baby.

Meat For 6-12 Months Babies

Iron-Rich Cereals

Feeding iron-rich foods to your baby after 6 months is a brilliant idea. The iron pool which babies are born with starts getting depleted after 6 months of their birth.

Therefore, it’s essential to feed them with such foods. Try feeding your baby with iron-based cereals such as oatmeal, rice, maize, and barley, etc. start with rice as they say that rice usually doesn’t cause any sort of allergy to babies. Also when you start with these cereals, give them in moderation.

Iron Rich Cereals For 6-12 Months Babies
Iron Rich Cereals For 6-12 Months Babies


Your baby can start having fish after the first 6 months. They provide a great source of vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids which are extremely important for brain development and baby’s heart health.

Opt for fish like mackerel and salmon, make sure that they are completely cooked and there are no bones before giving it to your baby. You can mash cooked fish with other veggies to make a bowl of nutrient-rich meals. Additionally, do not at all give those fishes which have mercury content in them!

Fish For 6-12 Months Babies
Fish For 6-12 Months Babies


You cannot expect your baby to have or finish everything that you feed him. When the babies begin to eat a solid diet, they have it in very little quantity, maybe a few bytes or chunks.

That’s when milk plays a very prominent role to make up for the amount of nutrition required by your baby. The breastmilk and the formula supplies sufficient amounts of nutrients to the baby, so it should be continued as an important part of his diet until he/she is 1 year old.

Milk For 6-12 Months Babies
Milk For 6-12 Months Babies

For new parents, it becomes very challenging and worrisome to decide what food should be given to their baby which supplies the proper amount of nutrition and benefits for proper growth and development of the baby.

This critical task is surely made easier with this list of 10 best foods for babies. All you need to do is to pay wide attention and start feeding your baby with these foods in moderation to see how their body reacts to it and if they catch any discomfort or allergies due to these foods.

Besides, make sure you cook these foods well so that the baby can easily consume and do seek your baby’s pediatrician before starting giving these foods.

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